Rhode Island

The Smallest State

The Founder and His Time

Roger Williams was the initial founder of Rhode Island. In this era, colonists were just settling the coastline of North America, where some people that did not believe the same things they did. Roger Williams was one of these people. He was banished in 1636 for wanting entire freedom of religion to worship God in his own ways, so he went to found his own colony with his truly free beliefs.


Physical Properties of Rhode Island

Rhode Island does not have too many natural resources thanks to it's size, however, one of the greatest ones of these few are Narragansett Bay, which is the state's largest natural port for trade out to the Atlantic Ocean, and is a commontourist spot and recreational area. The state itself is humid, with short winters, and longer summers thanks to the nearby Atlantic. With an average temperature of 50°F, the air is generally nice for the recreational activities in the Narragansett Bay. They have constantly changing weather and varying winds, again, thanks to the nearby ocean.



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