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Feel the Thrill of Nitro RC Truck Racing

Nitro RC trucks have been an all-time popular choice for RC Hobbyists because of their off-road capabilities, and the excitement and the realistic noise and smoke that their nitro engines produce. From their scorching speeds, screaming engines, and rugged build, nitro RC Trucks give RC enthusiasts the experience they seek. With powerful engines that can rev up to 40,000 RPM, it is unbelievable how fast these little vehicles can go, much to the delight of RC motor heads. Some units can even push up to 50 to 70 mph, or higher.

Nitro RC trucks have special engines that feed on a unique nitro fuel blend that is usually readily available from a local RC Hobby shop. The most common blend is 20% Nitro, but you can increase this up to 30% (after engine break-in) for more power and speed. However going to a higher nitro percentage fuel may require you to go to a cooler glow plug, and engine tuning is a bit more finicky. Depending on the model you choose and the fuel tank it carries, some units can support as long as 15-20 minutes of run time before the next refuel. If you are able to drive your truck back in time before your tank completely runs out, you can keep your machine running continuously for a long time, with just some short pauses for refueling.

Nitro RC units have a fuel system that is similar to their real truck counterparts, complete with a fuel tank, a carburetor, and fuel lines. These trucks also feature an exhaust systems consisting of a header and tuned pipe. Tuned pipes assist the engines and help them perform better by taking advantage of the wave dynamics and exhaust pulses "tuned" in the pipe. These allow the pipes to scavenge out exhaust gases and in turn increase power within specific RPM ranges.

Your Nitro vehicle's performance can also be adjusted and tuned using different types of tuned pipes of varying geometries. Like two-stroke engines on motocross motorcycles, switching pipes on nitro trucks produce different power bands and lets you fine tune your machine's performance to your exact liking.

Nitro RC trucks may seem like a toy for the big boys and they usually are, given their additional technicality and skill requirements. However, they are not difficult to learn and get used to, especially when you are already familiar with hobby trucks. If you want to try your hand on Nitro RC trucks, but don't want to invest in pricier models, you can always find more reasonably priced models from on-line hobby outlets to help you gain experience with nitro trucks before deciding if want to invest in more expensive and sophisticated models.

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