Intermediate Library News

Mrs. McRuiz

Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first library newsletter of the year! I will send a newsletter out periodically about what is happening in the library as well as anything else that I think may be helpful to you. Please click on links as needed.

Book Fair!

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 7:30am to Friday, Nov. 6th, 12pm

601 Pine Tree Parkway

Longview, TX

The fall Scholastic book fair is coming up soon! This year's theme is "Monster Book Fair: Reading is So Much Fun , You'll Get Goosebumps!" I will be sending a schedule out soon for your classes. The students will also be receiving a flyer about a week before he book fair starts. To see more information about this book fair, visit our book fair website at

Golden Book Award Winners

The Golden Book is awarded to the class each week that has done a tremendous job in the library. Great job classes!
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3rd Grade

Mrs. McWilliams' Class

Mrs. Brannon's Class

4th Grade

Mrs. Coleman's Class

Mrs. Thiessen's Class

Library Catalog

Do you want to know if the library has a book that you need? Click here!

Upcoming Author Birthdays

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Pizza Hut Book It! Has Started!

October kicks off the start of the Pizza Hut Book It! Program. Students can earn a personal sized pizza each month for reaching a reading goal. You can tie this into their reading challenge that has just started. Please let me know if you have any questions or visit the website for more information and free resources.

Library Shelf Helpers Club

I will be starting a Library Shelf Helpers club soon. I will need teacher nominations of students that can do a great job helping to keep the library organized and put books back up. I will be sending you more information about this soon.

Changes to Library Class Times

When your class comes to the library for the rest of the year, I will be doing a lesson or activity with them for half of the assigned time. I will need your help in checking in your student books and checking out books of students that are visiting the library on a pass. I will be training you as you come in the next couple of weeks and will pass out an information sheet for you as well. I appreciate you help in this!

Renaissance Home Connect

I have been showing students (on Wacky Wednesday visits) how to look at their AR scores and averages on Renaissance Home Connect. It is a great resource that can be used at home as well for parents to be able to see how their children are progressing. They sign in to the site just as they sign on to an AR test. Please try it with one of your student's information so that you can see what students are able to view and pass on the information to parents as wanted.
Scholastic Book Fair Videos

If you would like to preview some of the things that will be at the fair, watch the videos! Students will be getting to view these videos either during their Wacky Wednesday visit with me so this is for your viewing only.



I need more volunteers for the library. There are not that many volunteers signed up this year and I need more people to help! If you could please put a note in your parent newsletter about the need for volunteers in the library with my email for them to contact me, that would be wonderful! email:


If you have any decorations (holiday, seasonal, etc.) that you want to get rid of, I will take them in the library! Please consider donating them to the library. Thank you!

Create a Library Account!

Why should I create a library account?

If you create a library account, you will be able to use e-books in the classroom. You will also be able to look at what you have checked out from the library and request books to put on hold as you need them.

How do I create a library account?

You must first know your library check out number. If you do not know it, please look at the following document to find your number.
Then go to the library check out page here: and click on "Create Account" in the top right corner.