In-Service Day 1

Just a quick thank you for participating in today's game shows to kick off the year! I know the first day back is a challenge for all of us but we wanted to do something fun to review district items. Tomorrow is a building-based day so come ready to collaborate, share and provide input for LMS. Bring a computer or device with you and please report promptly to the MPR by 8:30! Like today, I would like all staff to sit in Tier 1.

On a side note, I appreciated the positive feedback given after the conclusion of our opening today. All of us need praise and reassurance at times and I thank those staff members who provided that to the admin team. One of our building goals this school year is a positive school climate and working together as a team. It starts with YOU. As Mrs. Roncoroni said in her conclusion today - it is up to YOU to decide what kind of day you are going to have! Be positive, understanding, appreciative but most of all - be happy and have some fun!

See you all tomorrow.