Jesse Owens

Here are some facts about Jesse Owens.

Jesse Owens

Owens struggled with poor health as a child. But it was a lump on the frail 5-year-old’s chest that swelled over the course of several days that concerned his family the most. With no money to see a doctor, Owens' mother eventually cut the lump off herself with a kitchen knife. The golfball-sized incision spurted blood for days, but Owens survived.

Ohio State's Owens burst into the national spotlight in May 1935 when he set three world records and tied another at the Big Ten Championships. But that summer he often found himself on the heels of Temple University’s Eulace Peacock. Peacock bested Owens in the long jump. the 100 meters on July 4th, and at one point he beat Owens in five consecutive races.


Maybe you could run as fast as jesse now. Just keep trying and I bet you couldn't becuase he's too fast for you. Hope I gave you some unknown facts. :/\)