Jackson's big zero

Not a hero but a zero

Killing the Nation Bank

Andrew Jackson had said "The bank is trying to kill me , but i will kill it' . In 1836 , Jackson put effort in a campaign against the renewal of its charter . When his campaign succeeded he then sped up the process or killing the bank by ordering federal funds to be withdrawn from it. After he then became the president and took back all of the government loans which resulted as the bank having no money and that had killed the bank.

Indian Removal Act of 1830

The indian removal was passed by congress on may 28th of 1830 , during Andrew Jackson's presidency . This law was authorized for President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with the Indian tribes , the Cherokees , Muscogee , Seminole , Chickasaw , and the Choctaw. He worked on passing the law to remove the Indian tribes from all of the territory west of the Mississippi river. President Jackson did do this for the exchange of their ancestral homelands. The act WAS very controversial. And it did cause lots of disagreement.
Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary

Spoils Systems

The Spoils Systems marked the moment in US history when senior government jobs were given to cronies and friends of the President,rather than the person best able to do the job.This was the act of giving ones friends jobs in the government, as Andrew Jackson did during his presidency. Spoils Systems is a practice where a , political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its supporters, friends and relatives as a reward for working toward victory. The job was not given to the right people .
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the head (monster) represents second national bank and they each represent a branch . Jackson is hitting them with a cane which represents him vetoing the bank.