Courtney Berte

story of my life

14 years ago a child was born on January 8, 2002, her name was Courtney... About myself:

I'm Courtney and I like lots of stuff including animals, sports, and outside. I really like funyons and smoothies, basically, cause that's what I was having as I type this. I have quite a few pets, and I like to hangout with friends!


I like sports such as basketball and softball. I live near the woods so I like to explore in them, and climb trees. Hanging out with friends is usually a blast, other than that I like to be at home and spend time with family.


I have quite a few pets and they're all pretty awesome. My doggy Lucy, My cat Fritzy, My chinchilla Nico, and my 1/2 owned hamster mallow.
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This is a pic from this summer, but its not very good. I dont usually take family pics, but I guess vacation deserves one.