Digital Citiznship

Social Media By Hannah.R


What is cyberbulling?

Cyberbulling is a type of bulling on the on social media sites. There many different types of cyberbulling like: abusive texts or email, hurtful images or mean coments facebook on twitter and other social media sites.

Where can you get help?

If you are being cyberbulled the you should tell some one like a parent,aunty,uncle ,friend or a trustwothy adult. You can also get help from The Kids Helpline or eheadspace

Online Safety

Online Safety


T- Tell an adult if you don't feel safe or someone has upset you.

H- Hide you password and keep it safe never tell you friends.

I- Internet can be fun but remember to be safe.

N- Name calling names is not funny cool and it can be very hurtful.

K-Keep all your personal infomation to yourself (full name,phone number and address) never share them online.


For more information go to cybersmart.


What is netiqutte?

Netiqutte is a word that is a mix between network and etiquette. Etiquette is word that means a way of having polite behavior in or among society.

Netiquette is an exceptable way of communicating on the internet.

For more information go to BBC

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