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Week of November 2nd, 2020

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✦ Thanksgiving Card Exchange - Last Day to Sign Up is Nov. 4th

✦ High School Hangouts with Celebrity Top Chef Brian Malarkey

✦ November Workshops

✦ Middle School Spelling Bee

✦ Discovery Day: November and December


✦ Spanish Speaking Families - Apartar Le Fecha

✦ Outstanding Direct Instruction (ODI)

✦ Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week Second Grade

✦ Social-Emotional Support


✦ Edgenuity Extras

✦ Virtual College Fair

✦ College Admissions Essay Bootcamp!

✦ Counseling Info. Sessions

✦ Story 2: Riverside County

PCA Happenings

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November Workshops

Below are the workshops coming up through November!

All workshops are separated by grade level, be sure to sign up for the correct grade.

Don't miss out, sign up today!

TK - 2nd Grade

3rd - 5th Grade

Middle School Workshops

High School Workshops

Middle School Spelling Bee

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Spelling Bee Interest Survey

Click here to let us know your student is interested in participating the Middle School Spelling Bee!

Discovery Day

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2020 Discovery Day Destinations

November - Zoopendous Day! (Animal studies)

December - Winter Wonder STEM

How does it work?

  • Families are encouraged to register their students for a Discovery Day community based on their student's grade and nearest location. This will allow students to connect with the same teachers & peers in their area when it is safe to meet in-person! However, families may register with another community if that works better for their schedules.
  • Students who attend the same Discovery Day community's workshops at least 3 times during November & December will be invited to a special virtual class party in January!
  • Please review the Discovery Day Schedule (Nov- Dec) for a list of DD communities & their dates/times.
  • Register your student for a Discovery Day community - RSVP HERE. Please complete one form per student.

Please complete this registration form at least 48 hrs prior to the start of the first workshop you wish to attend. If you do not register in a timely manner, you may not receive the Zoom link & information in time. As a result, you will need to wait for the next workshop.

After your registration is complete, Google forms will send you an email copy of your request. Please mark the dates on your calendar. You can expect a teacher from your selected Discovery Day community to email you a Zoom link & list of materials approximately 1 week prior to the workshop.

Parent Resources

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Outstanding Direct Instruction (ODI)

s your child in the 5th grade or higher?

Did your child score in the red on the STAR360?

Would your child benefit from small group instruction?

If you answered yes to those questions, your child may be eligible for Outstanding Direct Instruction (ODI) in math or reading.

ODI is a live, on-line, small group program offered by our Student Services department.

In reading, we will focus on comprehension and vocabulary development strategies and skills. In math, classes include multiplication up through multi-step problems. The commitment is for 4 weeks, 2 times per week for 45 minutes per class. Classes are conducted on Mondays - Thursdays. ODI is free for enrolled, eligible students.

Reach out to your HST today!

Grade Level Tips on Fun Ways to Fill the Learning Gaps This Week Second Grade


Being quick isn’t everything, but getting your addition and subtraction math facts memorized sure helps build confidence. Practice for free using Hooda Math.

2.OA.B.2: I can remember my addition facts.

2.OA.B.2: I can remember my subtraction facts

Have fun and get in the spirit of the season while learning about even and odd numbers with this freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers.

2.OA.C.3: I can group objects to tell if a number is odd or even.

2.OA.C.3: I can write a number sentence to show how adding two of the same number will equal an even number.

Here is a list of 20 fun math games. Place value bean bag toss looks fun! Click here!

2.NBT.A.1: I can understand and use hundreds, tens and ones.

Language Arts:

Work on writing, setting, characters, and more with this spooky story activity!

W.2.10 I can write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection, and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences.

Do you ever wonder what you and your second grader should be reading? Now that libraries are opening again, here is a list of wonderful books to explore. Reserve them at your library or use your instructional planning amounts to purchase through your preferred website.

RF.2.4: I can read and understand books at my level well.

RF.2.4.A: I can read and understand second grade books.

RF.2.4.B: I can read second grade books aloud like a teacher would read them.

Listen to a fun read aloud on youtube like, Hey, That's my Monster!

RL.2.1: I can ask and answer who, what, where, when, why and how questions to show that I understand stories.

RL.2.2: I can remember and tell different kinds of stories and share what the author is trying to teach. RL.2.3: I can describe how characters in a story react to important events in the story.

Also, did you know that our school has a website with videos and tools all linked and prerecorded if your student is having trouble in math, reading, or writing?

Click Here To Access Your School's Intervention Page

Social-Emotional Support

We loved talking with students at our “Show and Tell” last week!

Do you have a student on your roster who could benefit from building their resilience? Did they miss our webinars and follow-up groups last Monday? The recordings and slides have been posted on our Mindset Monday page.

Resources for next month’s topic, “nagging Nerves”, will be posted on Monday, November 2nd. Please encourage any students who struggle with worry and anxiety to check out the resources once posted and to mark their calendars for November’s webinar.

What: Nagging Nerves (Webinar for students on handling worry and anxiety)


Monday,November 9th

10:00am- TK-5th gradeK

1:00pm- 6th-12th grade

High School

Edgenuity Extras

Edgenuity HQTs are hosting November sessions for high school students! Please see the flyer. All students are welcome-your student does not have to be enrolled in Edgenuity to attend the sessions. Please RSVP for any sessions your student would like to attend. November Edgenuity Extras

Virtual College Fair

NACAC is hosting a virtual College Fair on Sunday, Nov 8 from 2pm - 10pm with over 600 colleges in attendance- Register HERE

College Admissions Essay Bootcamp!

College admissions deadlines are fast approaching, and we want to ensure you are using your Story2 account to help get your essays ready. Students get free, unlimited access to Story2’s essay-writing boot camps! The full schedule through November is available here. Sign up for as many as you need to get your essays completed!

Counseling Info. Sessions

Counseling Info. Sessions: Please join us for the following information sessions. All sessions will be offered at 11am and 5pm, here: Counseling Webinar Link

Financial Aid: November 4

Concurrent Enrollment: December 2

For those families who were unable to attend the UC/CSU Application Information session here are the slides and recording:

Link to presentation slides

Link to video recording (recorded 10.19.2020)

Story 2: Riverside County

Riverside County Office of Ed has added an additional Story 2 online personal statement boot camp support session on Thursday November 5 from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Students can register using the following links:

Ø Thursday, November 5 -

Karmen & Rachel

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