St. Joseph Flea Market is for YOU!

Flea Market donates over $200,000 and $45,000 toward new bus

Did you know that the St. Joseph Flea Market has been giving over $200,000 to the school each year? That's helping every SJ family in a significant way! The Flea Market is a running operation to help YOU!

In addition, this year the Flea Market gave $45,000 toward the new school bus and finished out the campaign. The bus has been ordered and will be here before summer is over! The Flea Market is willing to make big things happen for YOU!

That's why the Flea Market NEEDS you! GIVE!

  • Spring Cleaning? Clean out your closets, de-clutter the house, and bring it to the Flea Market!
  • Kids outgrowing their pants? Sack them up and bring them to the Flea Market!
  • Stained clothes? We will take them!
  • Too busy for a yard sale? Bring your items to the Flea Market and make money for your school!

But don't stop there! The Flea Market needs YOU in a very important way! WORK! Can you spare a few hours of your time to volunteer? The Flea Market cannot make money if we don't have workers. We need cashiers, baggers, sorters, lifters. There is a job for you!

  • Need service hours?
  • Know someone who is retired and looking for some social time?
  • New to the parish? Come meet some hardworking volunteers and get involved!

And don't forget another way you can help! SHOP! From books to toys to clothes to furniture and appliances, you will find a treasure at the Flea Market! Jewelry, drapery, costumes, utensils, antiques, decor...we've got it!

Interested in helping?

Cash register: Thursday and Friday 8-12:30 and 12:30-5, Saturday 9-2

Sorting merchandise: Monday-Friday 8-12

Drop off items: Monday - Wednesday 8-12, Thursday - Saturday during store hours

Contact Development Director Nicole Rappold: 501-339-6164 or