Brain Cancer

By Alec Burns

What is the definition of Cancer ?

Cancer is a serious disease caused by cells that are not normal and that can spread to one or many parts of the body. (Merriam-Webster)

Things you need to know about Brain Cancer

There are many things to know when it comes to brain cancer like how brain cancer isn't normally referred to as brain cancer it is normally referred as a brain tumor. Also there is close to 130 different types of brain cancer. Brain cancer is fatal an affects the lives of everyone, especially family and friends. (Gale Group) (Cancer Center)

What are ways brain cancer is treated ?

Surgery is the main way to eliminate the brain tumor especially since even if the tumor is benign the tumor is still destroying brain tissue making it even more deadly. If extracting the tumor through surgery doesn't solve the full problem Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy will.

Brain Tumor

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What are the Symptoms ?

What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumors?

(Cancer Center Treatments of America)

What Causes Brain Cancer

Whats scary is that there isn't that many causes of brain cancer. You could be born with it or you could just generate a brain tumor there isn't any significant cause of brain cancer
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(Cancer Insurance)

See any 3 of these people could suffer from a brain tumor

How Prevalent of brain cancer ?

Brain cancer is uncommon it only is accountable for 2.3 percent of cancer related deaths. Although in adults brain cancer isn't that common for kids its very being the 2nd most common behind leukemia at 21%. (Gale Group)

Brain Tumor Grades ?

Grades of Brain Tumors

Tumors are graded by how normal or abnormal the cells look. The doctor will use this measurement to help plan the patient's treatment. The grading also gives the patient an idea of how fast the tumor may grow and spread.

  • Grade 1. The cells look nearly normal and grow slowly. Long-term survival is likely.
  • Grade 2. The cells look slightly abnormal and grow slowly. The tumor may spread to nearby tissue and can recur later, maybe at a more life-threatening grade.
  • Grade 3. The cells look abnormal and are actively growing into nearby brain tissue. These tumors tend to recur.
  • Grade 4. The cells look most abnormal and grow and spread quickly.

Some tumors change. A benign one can turn malignant, and a lower-grade tumor may return at a higher grade.

(Cancer Center)

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(Brain Tumor)

What is cancer?

(Cancer Center Treatments of America)

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