People in Science

by Hannah Kluesner

Jon Bohmer

  • He invented an oven using sunlight
  • He only used 2 boxes to make it.
  • The oven got hot enough to boil water and cook food
  • He was born on May 13 1948
  • He married Eileen Garliski
  • He had 2 childeren Brian and Chris

Dijanna Figuerou

  • She spends 12 hours a day in the lab
  • She studies about creatures that live 2 killometers below the ocean
  • Goes deep in the ocean like every day

Mitchell W. Pryor

  • He went to University of Texas in Austin
  • He went to college to study robots

Agnes Riley

  • She invented the computer
  • She likes riding her motercycle
  • She loves playing with her dog
  • She loves taking pictures