Small Animal Vet

By: Ana Guevara

What a person in this career does?

A vet works like with small animals including like house animals and he/she takes care of the animal.The vet usually
checks the animal to see if it's sick or if the animal has an illness.

Why I choose this career?

I choose this career because I like working with animals and taking care of the animals.

Experince/Skills needed for career?

1. Observetitation: The vet must be able to tell the owner of the animal what their pet has or if it's sick or needs medicine. The vet must be able to look at the animal and make predictions about the animal.
2. Communication: The vet must be able to tell the owner of the animal what their animal has and the vet must never be shy to talk to the owner of the animal.
3. Motor Function: The vet must have motor skills to use scientific and diagnosetic instrumention and must be able to give surgery and other emergerncy treatments to animals.
4. Intectuall: The vet must be able to measure and calculate also they need to be able to hypothesis about the animal that they are taking care.
5.Behavior and Social Attrubites: The vet must be nice to the customers and animals they are taking care of and must be able to explain the problem of the animal.
-Education needed to obtain this career (Associate/Bachelor/Masters/Special Schooling Bachelor's degree in chemistry,biology, nursing,and veternary science.

Branch that career falls in

It would be life because you are studying animals.

Something I found interesting

I found interesting how many years you have to be in college to be in this class.