Price's For renting Carpet Cleaners

Who has the cheaper Carpet Cleaner Rental service in town?

"Carpet Cleaners 4 u" vs "Carpet Cleaner Rental"

"Carpet Cleaners 4 u" prices are starting at a $30 base fee plus $5.00/h compared to "Carpet Cleaner Rental" whose fee's start at a $25 base fee plus $6.00/h. Below is a chart and a graph comparing both companies renting price in relation to the number of hours the carpet cleaner is rented for. Since the price is dependent on the amount of time rented, the time rented is shown on the x-axis while the price for renting is shown on the y-axis of the graph.
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Rental Price Comparison of "Carpet Cleaner Rental" Verse "Carpet Cleaners 4 U"

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The Green line represents "Carpet Cleaners 4 U"

The Red line represents "Carpet Cleaner Rental"

Equation for "Carpet Cleaner Rental": y = 5x + 25

Equation for "Carpet Cleaners 4 U": y = 6x + 30

POI: ( 5, 55 )


This information is significant because if the user plan's to use the carpet clean for less than 5 hours he or she will be better off going with the company "Carpet Cleaner Rental" because their plan will be cheaper. However if the user plans to use the carpet cleaner for more than 5 hours I would recommend them to use "Carpet Cleaners 4 U" because after 5 hours the price for "Carpet Cleaners 4 U" is cheaper than "Carpet Cleaner Rental".


To represent the data of "Carpet Cleaner Rental" the following equation can be used, y = 6x + 25 while for "Carpet Cleaners 4 U" the formula y = 5x + 30 can be used. The y will represent the total cost while x will represent the total time rented. Both companies " Carpet Cleaner Rental" and "Carpet cleaners 4 U" will have the same price of $55 at 5 hours of rental.