Censorship of Arts/Gov't Funding

Derren & Ashleigh


History is filled with artists stirring up controversy with their works. While some of the public cries out for art to be censored, some of the public sees it as an artists job to offend some through their artwork. However, with these public cries for censorship, government officials have threatened to withold funding from museums displaying offensive artwork.

The Controversy..

Censorship vs. Free Expression

-Censor Art: seeking to protect society from offensive art. Protect the publics ideology of art to be offensive and keep art controlled within society. -Dont Censor Art: You cant define clarity. Authorities cannot demonstrate that the material actually poses as a danger to society. Art is the publics way of expressing freedom of expression, if that is taken away what is next. -So the question is: do you think the government should censor art?