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Updates from WSWHE Libraryland 3/3/17

Spring is around the corner...

Which means that many of us are taking a look at our library collections. Some of us are working on our requisitions....or presenting to our BOE...or just otherwise thinking about what our collections need. If you're new to analyzing your collection, or just want pointers on a couple of different tools to use, read on.

OPALS: Tweaking home page/system preferences

I was excited to come back from break and see that OPALS has been hard at work continuing to improve the system. There was a teeny thing (gallery view) that changed over break that I decided I wanted to switch back to our preferred view (list view), and I thought there might be some folks out there who would like a tutorial or refresher on how to tweak those little things.

What would you like to see in future installments?

I'd like to hear from you! Have a question that you'd like to see answered in the future? Want review on a previous topic? Let me know! Email me at, or contact

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Karin Howansky is a K-12 Librarian in a small, rural district in upstate New York.