Sarah Sprowls

Value of photosynthesis

Photosynthesis has a very big value. Without it we would not have air to breathe. If there wasn't photosynthesis humans and animals would die, the world would be full of carbon dioxide and there wouldn't be and oxygen for us to breathe.
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What energy transformation occurs during photosynthesis?

It goes from radiant energy from the sun to chemical energy because it makes something new. Or it goes from reactant energy to product energy.

Explain the process of photosynthesis?

The process of photosynthesis is when radiant energy (from the sun) is used to turn water and carbon dioxide (from animals and humans) into chemical energy (glucose). Oxygen is a plants waste product that is released during the process
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What items do plants need to undergo photosynthesis (reactants)?

In order to have photosynthesis you must have sunlight, carbon dioxide, chloroplasts, water, and stoma.

What is produced by photosynthesis (product)?

Photosynthesis creates oxygen and glucose.

What is the formula for photosynthesis?

The formula of photosynthesis is CO2 + H2) --- C6H12O6 + O2

What are chloroplasts and what role do they play in photosynthesis?

Chloroplasts are the organelles of a plant cell where photosynthesis occurs.

Where do plants get their energy?

Plants get there energy from the sun.

Why are plants important to animals?

Plant are important to animals because the plants make oxygen for the animals to breathe.

Where do you find plants on the food chain? (beginning/middle/end)

Plants are always at the bottom of the food chain because everything eats them.

ex. Plants - Cricket - Rabbit - Hawk