World Religion

By: Emma Johnson


Christianity is monotheistic because we believe there is only one god and he is out savior. Christianity's God's name is Jesus. Christianity's holy book is called the bible. The major holidays for Christians are Easter and Christmas. Christians attend church on Sundays and participate in communion. Christians also do baptism.
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Judaism is monotheistic because they believe in one god and one god only. Their gods name is tetragrmmatron and he has other names to, that is just the main one. Their holy book is called the Torah and they only believe in the Old Testament. Judaisms biggest holiday is Hanukkah. Jews can only eat kosher food and have Passover.
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Hinduism is polytheistic because they believe in more than one god. Their gods name is lord Krishna, lord Vishnu, and more. Hindus holy book name is bhagavad-Gita. Hindus major holidays are everyday of the year. Hindus have a time to worship all gods.

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Buddhism is monotheistic because they believe in one god. Buddha is their god they worship. Buddhism holy book is called Tipitaka. Buddhism major holidays is Dhanna day and Vesak. Buddhism meditate to their god Buddha.

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Islam is monotheistic because they believe in one god only. Allah is the god Muslims worship in the region Islam. The Muslims holy book is called the Quran in the Islam religion. The major holidays for Muslims are 'id al-Fitr and 'id al-Adha in the Islam religion. Islam worship the five pillars of Islam.

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