Aspects of Mesoamerica cultures

You will learn about some aspects of mesoamerica culture


Olmec agriculture arrived to Mexico around 1200-400 B.C. Some information about the olmecs is lost because it was the first Mesoamerican culture so it declined for centuries before the arrival of the first europeans. The olmecs were the "Mother" culture of Mesoamerica so gods, glyphic writing and artist forms became par of the later civilization. Olmecs were like unique, for farming they used the slash-and-burn technique which was were they burned overgrown plots of lands and used ashes as if it was fertilizer. The main crops they plant were Beans, squash, manioc, potatoes, and tomatoes. When they didn't plant they went to the river to fish which was important for their diet.


The aztec religion like most of other Mesomerican relgions haves elements of humans sacrifice. It was a complex interactions of gods, dates, directions and colors. All of the Aztec religion is a set of beliefs with human sacrifices and demanding Aztec god and goddesses. Aztecs believes in sun god, Huitzilopochitli. They also believed that their good gods needed to kept strong so that they can get rid of the bad gods, and they kept them strong with human sacrifice.

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Mixtec-language, codices and artwork

The Mixtec languages come from the Otomanguean language family from Mexico. Those languages are spoken by a million of people. There is not an exact number of how many Mixtec languages they exist but depending on the criteria there are like fifty Mixtec languages. Mixtecs are well know because of their codices. There is a story known by many people that is called "Eight deer" which is related to several codes. About the art they did magnificent mastery of jewelry made of gold and more things. If a normal boy that doesn't know anything about the Mixtec art sees the image you can see beside this information they can said that they are random drawings of people but those random drawing was art for the Mixtecs.


Maya government came from the ancient manuscript called Chilam Balam. Mayas developed a government ruled by kings and priests. They really believe on the like-god line power of the family and they didn't care if sometimes that included a women ruler They payed an important rolled in power and religion because religion was woven into the daily facets. They daily practice human sacrifice and raid other communities to obtain new victims.

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