Weekly Update 2.3.14

And January Re-cap

Southern Charms

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So many of you had great success with the 100 chart last month we want to keep it going month after month! Do 100 blank boxes intimidate you? Don't let it! Want to book 4? Go for 50 convos instead. The point is to get us all in the habit of talking about our business every week. And this doesn't mean you have to pick up the phone and call 100 people every month. Track your booking/sponsoring conversations you're having at trunk shows, track when you are talking about it on the go, and of course track all of those people you are warming up and following up with! Don't let your fear of doing something BIG prevent you from doing it at all!

What is your response when someone says "Hey Jill, it's been so long since I've seen you! What have you been up to?" If you are anything like me you might be saying something like "Oh just working and going a little stir crazy with the kids home every week because of the snow!". We are missing an opportunity to talk about our business! Instead say "I've been really busy launching our Spring Collection which is gorgeous - have you had a chance to peek at it online yet?" We have the chance to bring up our business so many times throughout the day. Are you talking about it enough?

Find your February 100 Chart in SDU under February Tools

Quickstart Bonus ends February 7th! Do you know where you stand?

The deadline for the Quickstart bonus is quickly approaching. With $1000 in sales between January 9th and February 7th you will earn $200 in product credits ($100 Quickstart and 10% for reaching Level 1). There's still plenty of time to squeeze to book in tight this week and to reach out for those Valentine's Day orders. And when I say deadline that is just for Quickstart....you will continue to rack up those product credits based on your sales and sponsoring through March 9th!
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You can track your progress in the lounge by going to reports, then clicking My Jumpstart.

Top Sellers - January

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Christine Swartz $9,106

Samantha Tunador $8,539
Kereth Knapp $6,073
Leslie Cumbow $5,287
Reagan Montgomery $5,224
Barbara Ellis $5164
Kelly Cox $5,071
Lyla Prather $5,037
April Likins $4,744
Jessica Sigler $4,397

Top Sellers - February Month to Date

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Joy Johnson $1,454
Camille Lamond $1,167
Kristie Siroonian $1,164
Jennifer Berthon $1,124
Melissa Dicarlo $1,057
Kelly Cox $1,016
Melissa Kotick $824
Christine Swartz $814
Lesli Beynon $786
Stefanie Raymond $727

Top in Sponsoring - January

We welcomed 99 new Stylists to our team in January!

Congrats to Kere Knapp on sponsoring 5 new Stylists!

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Congratulations to Christine Swartz on sponsoring 4 new Stylists!

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Congrats to these ladies on sponsoring 3 new Stylists!

Samantha Tunador
Brenda Johnson
Jenny Foley

Congrats to these ladies on sponsoring 2 new Stylists!

Georgia Arnold
Kristen Dawes
Annie Brinker
Kate Railsback
Megan Blankenstein
Allison Bateman
Angela McCauley
April Likins
Christine Scott
Courtnay Gilmore
Katherine Atkinson
Lorae Heffner
Barbara Ellis
Heather Spivey
Kim Jones

There were many more that joined in January - congrats to all of you who grew your team!

Local Meet-ups and Trainings

Beckley, WV
Tuesday, February 4th
Courtyard Marriott
6:30pm Meet Stella & Dot
Register Here
7:00 Local Stylist Meet-Up
Register Here

Arlington, VA
Tuesday, February 4th
Fire Works Pizza
6:00pm New Stylist Training
7:00pm Meet Stella & Dot
Register Here
7:30pm Local Stylist Meet-Up
Register Here

Arlington, VA
Thursday, February 6th
Kim Jones' Home
1034 Dead Run Drive, McLean, VA 22101
1:00pm New Stylist Training

New York, NY
Tuesday, February 18th
The Ainsworth
7:00pm Meet Stella & Dot
7:30 Local Stylist Meet-Up
Register Here

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4th: 7pm OPPORTUNITY EVENT (for anyone interested in hearing more about the chance to get involved with our great company .... register here


TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4th: 7:30 TEAM MEETING - register here


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6th: 1pm NEW STYLIST TRAINING at the home of Kimberly Jones. (1034 Dead Run Drive, McLean, VA 22101)

Sponsering Call Tonight!!

Join me TONIGHT to find our how you can reach out and help a friend, customer, hostess start their new year with a new business!

Team Sponsoring Call
Monday, January 27th
8:45pm EST
Passcode 133191

Save the Date for one Special Day!!

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Call your potentials and mark your calendars for one special event...guess who's coming to Richmond?? Jessica Herrin AND Anita Krpata!! This is an incredible opportunity for us to have BOTH Anita and Jessica in Richmond. Hope you will make plans to join us and bring every potential on your list. What a great thing to talk about at your upcoming shows!!!!

The Jefferson Hotel - Downtown Richmond

Rising Star Training 1:30pm - 4:30pm (open to all Stylists)

Meet The Founder 5:30pm - 7:30pm (open to all Stylists and guests)

These events are happening all across the country over the next 2 months so if this is not local to you, check the events tab in the Stylist Lounge to find your closest event.

Home Office Training Calls

You are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself! Training/Coaching is an important aspect of your business if you are wanting to grow and take your business to new heights! Here are GREAT ways to do it (check the lounge for registration details)!

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Welcome New Stylists!

Congrats on choosing Stella & Dot! We can't wait to help you grow your business!

Carmen Mandeville
Christal Pearson
Danielle Easterly
Elizabeth Cox
Heather Enright
Jacquie Hodges
Jenni Harshbarger
Kavyda Ly
Kelly Blayney
Mitzi Riddle
Quynh Nguyen
Rebecca Lippman
Sarah Oliva
Victoria Rickman
Megan Miller
Caroline Hilburn
Mandy Maughan
Renise Alexander
Taylor Jackson
Sunny Park
Christina Vimini
Crystle Chrispen
Elizabeth Enders
Hiyasmin Zimmerman
Jennifer Johnson
Stacie Pickral
Stephanie Dillard
Anna Hu
Brandi Harrison
Brooke Dowd

Join our team facebook page!

This team page has been created for Stylists to share best practices, offer encouragement and inspiration as you reach your goals.

My Upcoming Show Schedule

Feb 12th Washington DC
Feb 16th Goochland
Feb 20th Midlothian
Feb 23rd Lake Anna
Feb 27th Glen Allen
March 6th Midlothian
March 13th Midlothian
March 14th Midlothian
March 20th Richmond
March 27th Midlothian
April 24th Midlothian

Have a great week!
XO, Kelly


XO, Kelly

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