Maverick Express march 2021


To our Mav Families:

Today at 5:00, you should receive an email from the Beaverton School District that will give more details regarding the upcoming April 19th Hybrid Learning plan. I am so excited for the opportunity for our students to return to us in April to finish the school year. In particular, I am so happy for our Seniors and their ability to finish what they started four years ago by completing their legacy in our halls.

It is important to note that Hybrid learning will bring up many questions and anxieties related to structure and safety. We are committed to answering those questions, and providing a safe atmosphere for those students who choose to return in-person. And, also provide a rich experience for those students who choose to stay in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).

The District's email and accompanying video sent out tonight should answer many of your questions. However, there will be a couple upcoming opportunities to ask in-person questions of me at the Zoom Principal's Coffee and the upcoming MPACT General meeting at 7:00pm on Wednesday, March 17th. Of course, if you have specific questions, please email your student's alpha counselor or alpha Assistant Principal.

The next monthly virtual Zoom Principal's Coffee (bring your own coffee!) is on Friday, March 12th at 9:30am. This meeting will occur on the second Friday of each month through May. The Principal's Coffee is an informal opportunity to hear school updates and to ask general questions regarding MHS. These meetings will also be recorded and uploaded to Youtube for viewing after. Hope to see you there!


Meeting ID: 821 2705 3490

Passcode: 964695

Together, we are committed to a school culture that allows us to:


If you have any questions about this information or about becoming involved at Mountainside, please do not hesitate to call our office at 503-356-3500.

Mountainside High School. Home of the Mavericks!!!

#MavUP! CONNECTED...together while apart


Todd Corsetti



The National Merit Scholarship Program has now determined which of the 16,000 Semifinalists have advanced to Finalist standing in the competition.

Congratulations to Yimei Li who is now in the running to become a National Merit Scholar!


Congratulations to these students who qualified for the Mountainside Honor Roll by receiving a combined weighted GPA of 3.5 or above for 1st and 2nd Quarter:

2020-2021 1st Semester Honor Roll


Last spring and this fall, the decision was made to adjust the requirements for Community Service hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our CDL schooling format. We have determined that considering current healthy/safety requirements and the continuation of CDL, it is best to adjust those requirements again.

The updated requirements for Community Service hours by graduation class are:

  • Class of 2021: 0 hours (this requirement was waived earlier this school year)
  • Class of 2022: 25 hours

  • Class of 2023: 25 hours

  • Class of 2024: 30 hours

It was also decided that we would reduce the required number of Community Service hours for two of Mountainside’s 12th grade recognitions, Mav Scholars and the Community Service Award. The updated requirements for these awards are:

  • Mav Scholars: 60 hours
  • Community Service Award: 125 hours

Current 12th grade students have until Friday, April 30, to submit Community Service Reflection Forms to complete hours for these two awards. See the Community Service Information page in the MHS Students course in Canvas for more details.

Also, as a reminder for students, Leadership has organized service activities that are advertised in the weekly Wednesday all-school announcements. These service activities are available approximately once a month. Be sure to read those announcements for more details!


Mountainside will begin the forecasting process for current 9th-11th graders during the week of March 29th, following Spring Break.

Forecasting is when students decide which courses they will take the following year. It is imperative that students give careful thought to course selections, as there will be very little chance to make changes once the process is finalized. Our staffing and course offerings for next year, including how many sections of each course will be offered and when, are determined by the courses for which students forecast.

A Smore Newsletter will be shared with all students, which will explain the forecasting process and include a google form to select classes. This will be available right after Spring Break.

Counselors will follow up with drop-in Questions and Answer sessions via Zoom beginning on April 1st and continuing through April 9th during lunch. Students can also contact their counselor via email.

Specific subject-area departments will also offer Question and Answer sessions via Zoom on Wednesday, March 31st and Wednesday, April 7th.

Current 10th graders who are interested in the IB Diploma Program should plan to attend an IB Information Night on March 10th.

More information can be found in the 2021/22 Program Planning Guide:


IBDP forecasting information for rising juniors & seniors

Forecasting is just around the corner and many MAV 10th graders are considering the IB Diploma and whether to take a few IB classes or to go for the full IB DIploma in their junior and seniors years. We will be sending out a screencast about the IB Diploma specific to 10th & 11th grade forecasting during the week of March 8.

Current 10th grade students will have an opportunity to attend IBDP Info sessions with IBDP Coordinator, Brooke Mayo, during 10th grade Advisory March 16 & March 18. Current sophomores interested in the IB full-diploma program will meet with Ms. Mayo to create a 2-year forecasting plan.

Current 11th grade students are encouraged to forecast for the 2nd year of their current IBDP courses and/or a 1-year IBDP courses (IB Design Tech, IB Economics, IB Environmental Systems and Societies, IB World Religions).

Why IB?

The most important reason we offer the IB Program to students is that we believe the structure of the IB curriculum encourages deep thinking and strong academic skills that prepare them for lifelong learning. Additionally, juniors and seniors who sit for IBDP exams in May 2022 may earn college credits with the required exam score of 4+ for Oregon public Universities/Colleges. Students can take IBDP classes and not sit for the IB exam. Colleges/universities will look favorably at the presence of IBDP classes on the transcript, especially over the two years. Colleges/universities want to see students with a full and challenging course load during the senior year.

What about current 8th & 9th grade students who are curious about the IB DP program?

We will be sending out a screencast about the IB Diploma Program in the April MAV Express. Look for more information there. Because the DP program is an 11th & 12th grade program, at this time we are prioritizing students in the upper grades for this information and Q&A sessions.

Recap of Dates:

March 8: Screencast of IB Program & Forecasting Info sent to current 10th & 11th Graders via school messenger

March 16 & 18: Zoom Q&A sessions for 10th graders on the Full Diploma Program

March 29 - April 8: Small group DP Program Plan meetings; current 10th graders interested in the full DP


2021 ACT Test Day Update

To ensure the safety of students and staff, the ACT Test Day for 10th and 11th graders on

March 30th has been canceled. All students in grades 9-12 will follow their usual class

schedule. Funding for this year’s 11th grade students to take the ACT test in school the first week of October will be sought through the 2021-22 budget process. Families will be notified before the end of the school year if the funding is approved.

Actualización del día del examen ACT 2021

Para garantizar la seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal, se canceló el día del examen

ACT para los estudiantes de 10º y 11º grado el 30 de marzo. Todos los estudiantes en los

grados 9-12 seguirán su horario de clases habitual. Los fondos para que los estudiantes de 11° grado de este año tomen el examen ACT en la escuela la primera semana de octubre se buscarán mediante el proceso presupuestario 2021-22. Las familias serán notificadas antes del final del año escolar si se aprueba la financiación.


All athletes will need to be cleared through ParentVue using the InTouch system:

Clearance needs to include the uploaded documents:

  • Current physical
  • Participation form
  • BSD COVID 19 waiver form

The district has waived participation fees for this year which is great news!!!

Mountainside spectator update for Season #2!!!!

The Beaverton School District will allow families an opportunity to watch games, however, only for HOME contests and a limited number of immediate family members. And, we must follow the OHA occupancy maximums, so this means for some sports, there will be few or no spectators allowed. Away contests will need to be viewed by a streaming service, if available. Visiting spectators will not be allowed at any of our home contests or at any of our opponent sites. In addition, spectators may not stand at the fence line as those numbers count toward the OHA occupancy maximum.

Streaming Varsity games will be our first priority. As of right now all of our Varsity Football & Varsity Volleyball games are set to have live streams. Soccer and Cross Country will both have enough occupancy space to allow spectators of just immediate family at this time.

Washington County is now operating at the Moderate Risk Level for at least the next two weeks. NOTE: If we move back to the HIGH-RISK category, spectators may not be an option. Since we are at the Moderate Risk Level our maximum number allowed (including athletes) in our stadium, south field, and gym by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), are listed below:

  • MHS Stadium maximum: 150 occupancy

  • MHS South Field maximum: 150 occupancy

  • MHS Main Gym: 100 occupancy (This is upper and lower gyms combined)

Therefore, with these OHA requirements in place the number of spectators in attendance will vary by each site’s size and/or number of participants, coaches, required management, and required administrative supervision.

Consequently, to stay in compliance with the OHA guidelines for the upcoming Season #2, the following standards will be in place at Mountainside High School starting Monday, March 1, 2021.

  • Attendance will only be allowed for our families at our HOME games.

    • No school will allow visitors.

    • Passes will be issued out to each player with their name on it which will allow up to 4 family members into the contest, IF space allows.

    • Priority will be given to Senior parents

    • No students from the host school will be admitted unless they are siblings of those athletes competing.

    • Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth, at all times

  • Family Groups must maintain 6-foot distance at the venue

  • No concessions will be sold

  • Entrance to the contest will take place no earlier than 15 minutes before the event’s start time.

  • Immediately following each contest, all fans will leave the facility promptly. The plan is to have everyone exit within 5 minutes following completion of the contest.


By the OHA guidance, only 150 people maximum are allowed inside a stadium. This includes, players, coaches, officials, meet management & administrators. Each contest will have a different team size that might allow for some spectators to be in attendance. Note the numbers may only allow a total of 0-15 spectators for varsity games, and the Fr/Soph game may allow up to 25. Therefore, spectators at football games will be dependent upon being able to stay at 150 or less. The football coaches will be working with their families on a process to allow families into the game.

Soccer and Cross Country:

By the OHA guidance, only 150 people maximum are allowed in each of our stadium, south field, and our Cross-Country Course. This number includes, athletes, coaches, officials, meet management & administrators. Each contest will have a different team size that will allow for some spectators to be in attendance. We feel both soccer and cross country will be under the maximum occupancy of 150 to allow immediate family members into each contest.


By the OHA guidance, only 100 people maximum are allowed inside our entire gym. This includes, players, coaches, officials, meet management & administrators. Our upper gym is not an enclosed area so we cannot use that as a separate space. So, at our site we will only be allowed 100 spots. Note: the numbers may only allow 0-15 spectators for our contest as we will have two games playing at the same time.


  • Spectators will not be allowed to wander around the facilities.

    • Everyone must remain in their designated section for viewing the contest.

      • Gym: North bleachers near the entrance

      • Stadium: Press box side bleachers only

      • South Field: North sideline maintaining 6ft apart from other families.

      • Cross Country Course: Schools grounds and sidewalks

  • Inside bathrooms are located between the weight room and ticket office only.

  • Outside bathrooms are Porta-Potties.

    • NOTE: Our stadium bathrooms will not be open until our district feels we are out of any freezing temperatures.


Anyone interested in wrestling, conditioning workouts will resume starting March 8th. Workouts will be Monday's and Wednesdays, from 3:30 to 4:45 outside. You must have all forms turned in prior to participating. Please email Coach Phillips,, for more information and to be added to the wrestling email list. Go Mavs!


A MESSAGE FROM OUR STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD: To our Mountainside students, staff, parents, and community,

We hope everyone’s second semester is off to a great start! As a program for this second half of the year, a major focus will be highlighting our seniors. A sample of events/projects for SENIORS to look forward to are:

● A senior drive through event including passing out our free senior shirts to those that haven’t received theirs yet

● Mountainside Senior Instagram Page (will be adding Facebook for parents to see)

● Baby picture guessing game

● Senior scrapbook

● Virtual Prom Court

● Planning some form of an actual Prom on campus

● Senior focused weekly challenges; an opportunity for students to highlight seniors on social media

● Virtual Mountainside’s Got Talent

● On @mountainsideseniors we will also be highlighting each senior’s post high school plan, so make sure to DM the account when you’ve received your decision on where/what you are going to do next year.

● Make sure to be following both @mountainsidehs and @mountainsideseniors on Instagram to get updates and view these activities!

Do you have any additional ideas on how to spotlight seniors or any other comments for the Executive Board? All students are invited to join us on Wednesday, March 3rd for our open Student Council meeting. This will occur at 11:00am. Links to join/ reminders will be sent out through Canvas Announcements on those Wednesday mornings. We are also releasing a Google Form where you can ask your questions beforehand if you can’t attend live or wouldn’t feel comfortable asking over Zoom ( This will also be on your Canvas announcements on March 3rd. The following week we will release the minutes from this meeting so all students can read what we discussed. Can’t wait to see you there!

Virtual Mountainside's Got Talent

Start perfecting your special skills because our third annual Mountainside's Got Talent is coming up in early May. Look out for our promo video and more details about video submissions deadlines. We can't wait to see your talents and crown our popular vote and judge's choice winners!

March Madness!

Hey Mavs! Those wanting to participate in a March Madness Bracketology competition please read the instructions below. The Top 3 three brackets earn prizes. Instructions for how to join as well as prize information will be released March 13th, on our instagram page/ facebook page. PLEASE NOTE: BRACKETS MUST BE COMPLETED AND SAVED BY THURSDAY MARCH 18TH BEFORE TIP OFF OF THE FIRST GAME OF THAT DAY.

Community 101

The Outreach committee is fortunate enough to be able to participate in the Oregon Community Foundation's Community 101 Organization. Mountainside will be receiving a grant of $5,000! We have decided through a student survey of the Mountainsides Student bodies that we will be donating $5,000 to promote/bring awareness to /and support mental health & suicide prevention in Oregon. So far we have researched and found a list of 501c registered non-profits that we have contacted and invited to a virtual interview. We have now finished the interviews and based on those and which non-profits best fit our cause of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, we will be deciding which non-profits will get donations.


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Hearts for Hearts! The cards went to cardiac patients through Kaiser Permanente in support of American Heart Month. We had over 165 cards donated! Make sure you fill out the community service form linked in the Canvas page to get the service hour!.Thanks again for your generosity and kindness to our community, and go Mavs!


If you are still interested in joining and looking at clubs, please go to our MHS school update for all club information.


If you’re interested in joining the Mountainside Women’s or Men’s Lacrosse team, come to Pre-Season practices. Register for the 2021 season now at Regular season starts April 5th. New players are encouraged and welcome. We would love to teach them how to play, since it is a short season it is a great time to try a new sport.

Preseason Practices:

Mondays- 7:30-9:30 @ Champion Park

Fridays- 7:30-9:30 @ Cedar Hills Park


Buy the Yearbook before the price jump

At Mountainside, the only way to purchase a yearbook is by going directly to the Jostens website: Yearbook sales are not done through the ParentVue online portal.

Yearbooks are now $40 and will remain this price until March 31, 2021. To see if you have already purchased a yearbook for your student, go here:


Yearbook Advisor: Kathryn Noah,

Yearbook Staff:


Caps & Gowns

Dan Peters from Jostens will be distributing Cap and Gowns and other purchased items by Seniors in late April or early May. We don't have a date yet so stay tuned. Once we have a date and time finalized, we'll let everyone know. Be patient, we'll share more in April.

2021 Graduation Celebration Planning

We are moving forward with planning multiple, in-person events to help celebrate our fabulous Mav Seniors for the rest of this school year. Since it is unlikely that large (300-400 people) indoor events will be allowed by June, we will not be planning an overnight party for the night of graduation. Instead, we will be offering monthly Drive Thru/In events, as well as coordinating with the school and Leadership students for other events and recognition for our seniors. Thank You to everyone who gave us feedback in the Grad 2021 survey!

If you are interested in helping with planning or hosting events, please contact If you would like to donate to help with costs of events and prizes, please use our PayPal link here: Mountainside MPACT Grad Night. Don’t forget that many employers will match donations or volunteer hours. Contact MPACT for more details.

2021 Mav Senior celebrations

We will kick off with a special senior-only Drive Thru event on Wednesday, March 17th. There will be gifts, a leprechaun photo booth, car decorating and other fun. More specific information will be provided to seniors closer to the day, but please encourage your senior to participate. All safety and social distance guidelines will be followed. Your help and donations are appreciated. We are accepting donations of cases of candy as well as money (using this link: Mountainside MPACT Grad Night). Contact for more information.

Yard Signs

So proud of your Senior?! Show your pride by purchasing a MHS 2021 Senior Yard Sign. Design is being finalized now, but look for the email in the next two weeks with all the pricing and ordering details. In order to have the most time to display signs, the order period will not be long. The goal is to have signs to you by the beginning of April, but not later than mid-April. Let’s shine some love on our seniors!!!

Dine Out and Support our Seniors

Please join us this month for fundraisers on March 9th at Five Guys to support Grad events, and on March 18th at MOD Pizza to support Grad Scholarships.


The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

These awards were founded in 1923 and, for nearly a century, have inspired bold ideas in creative teens throughout the country. Andy Warhol, Sylva Plath, Robert Redford, Zac Posen and Amanda Gorman are just a few of the notable alumni who were awarded keys as teenagers. This year Mountainside students were honored with 23 Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Congratulations to Trek, whose work will move on to nationals.


  • Trek Eriksson, grade 12, Design: Wayfinder - Original Typeface Design


  • Mitra Amiri, grade 12, Mixed Media: Respect your Elders

  • Nicole Chan, grade 12, Silver Key, Mixed Media: Caged Thoughts

  • Trek Eriksson, grade 12, Design: 17th - Poster

  • Trek Eriksson, grade 12, Art Portfolio. Graphic Design: A Showcase of Precision and Purpose

  • Haley Figone, grade 12, Digital Art: Cult of Domesticity

  • Carena Hadi, grade 12, Photography: Daydreaming

  • Katie Jacobs, grade 10, Digital Art: The Creation Of Imagination

  • Grace Saxton, grade 12, Photography: What Brings Me Joy.

  • Grace Saxton, grade 12, Photography: La Nature en Noir et Blanc

  • Katherine Shin, grade 9, Mixed Media: Fast Fashion

  • Simone Talbert, grade 12, Drawing & Illustration: Madness

  • Simone Talbert, grade 12, Digital Art: Faces

  • Samantha Weyant, grade 12, Fashion: Women’s Apron with Sexist Quotes


  • Morgan Brothers, grade 12, Painting: Untitled

  • Morgan Brothers, grade 12, Painting: Just Kids

  • Nicole Chan, grade 12, Expanded Projects: Facing the Fire

  • Nicole Chan, grade 12, Mixed Media: Unearthed Waves

  • Carena Hadi, grade 12, Photography: Reaching Towards the Clouds

  • Carena Hadi, grade 12, Photography: Sea of Colored Glass

  • Carena Hadi, grade 12, Photography: Girl in her Jacket

  • Anna Kim, grade 10, Drawing & Illustration: Great Carousel Race

  • Katherine Shin, grade 9, Mixed Media: What do you see?

Mav Artists of the Month

The Mav Artist of the Month celebrates our amazing student artists in the Mountainside community. At the end of each month, the art department teachers highlight two to three students who’ve embodied excellence in their classes. The classes range from film to design to the traditional arts. Students nominated have displayed amazing creativity, high skill, and good character. Congratulations to the Artists of the Month Simone and Charley, and thank you for making great contributions to the Mountainside Art community!

mpact parent group

General Meeting

Mark your Calendars! Please join us for the next MPACT General Meeting on Wednesday, March 17th at 7pm via Zoom. The link will be provided closer to the meeting date.

MPACT Senior Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship season is here and the Mountainside Parent And Community Team (MPACT) is excited to announce a scholarship award opportunity for this year’s graduating class! This spring, MPACT will award ten scholarships in the amount of $500 each to selected seniors pursuing post-secondary education/training. The application will consist of two short essay questions and a brief summary of school, work, and volunteer involvement.

Electronic and print application forms will be available from the College and Career Center beginning in early-mid-March. The application submission deadline is April 19, 2021. Questions? Please contact

March Bottle Drive

Help support our Seniors by donating your recyclable cans and bottles! Our next monthly event will be on Sunday, March 14th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. All proceeds go to our 2021 Senior Celebration events, so tell your neighbors as well! If you can’t make it to the school and would like to arrange a pickup, please contact . Did you know that you can also donate directly to Mountainside PACT from your BottleDrop account? Go to to DONATE NOW, or set your account up for auto-donate. Thanks for your support!

Spring See’s Candy Sale

Visit our online store to score some yummy treats and help to raise money for MPACT Scholarships! Check out the cute Easter candies or just pamper yourself with some delicious truffles. Can’t decide? Buy a gift card to use later or to give as a gift. Shop now through Sunday, March 14th:


WED, 3/17 - MPACT General Meeting, 7:00pm