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John Hancock Charter School - June 17, 2022

BrainPop - A great way to prevent the summer slide

BrainPop contains carefully vetted games, simulations, and coding exercises from the world’s leading learning game designers let kids tackle complex concepts, take on different roles, collaborate, and strengthen their systems thinking skills in the game environment. Trial, error, and even failure become safe paths to learning.

Your child can access BrainPop during the summer months by going to:

  • User name is first name.last name.student number
  • Password is your child's student number

Contact Mrs. Adamic at julie@johnhancockcs.org if you have troubles accessing the program.

Thoughts for Mrs. Rogers

We are so grateful for the influence Mrs. Heeather Rogers has had on our school for the past 19 years. She has served as our second-grade teacher, third-grade teacher, fifth-grade teacher, reading specialist, and most recently as our special education director.

She has given her heart and soul to our students, parents, and her colleagues over the years.

In lieu of a retirement party, Mrs. Rogers has asked former students, parents, and colleagues to write her a note. Share your favorite memories. What thoughts would you like her to know? Write a thank you for all she has done to influence your life.

I was informed the link didn't work last week. Please try again and let her know how much you appreciate her.

Click here to send her a note.

Monday Uniform:

Required every Monday, and when going on field trips. White button up dress shirt with a collar, worn with navy blue pants or shorts. Girls may also wear navy blue or Marymount plaid skirts or jumpers.

Regular Uniform:

You can download a detailed uniform policy from the school’s website.

Tops- Red, White or Navy Blue polo shirts (long or short sleeved) and turtlenecks. Navy blue, white, or red cardigans, v-neck sweaters and sweater vests are allowed, but must be worn over a collared shirt. Sweaters and vests with a sewn-in, collared white shirt are allowed. School t-shirts are allowed on Fridays (can be purchased from the PTO at the beginning of the school year).

All shirts must be tucked in.

Bottoms- Navy blue or uniform khaki (not the lighter stone color) shorts or pants (no cargo pockets). Girls can wear skirts and jumpers in navy blue, khaki, or the Marymount plaid or polo dresses in red or navy blue.


  • Ties should be navy blue or red. Girls may wear crossover ties. Shoes should be conservative in style (no lights, wheelies, or characters) and closed toed. Athletic shoes are required for PE.

  • Socks should be uniform or neutral colors, ankle or knee length. Girls may wear opaque tights or ankle length leggings in navy blue or white with skirts or jumpers. Socks, tights, or leggings must be worn.

  • Nylons are not uniform wear.

  • Hair accessories should also be uniform colors or neutral.

Free Uniform Exchange: Located in the basement of the Red Brick building. All families are welcome to participate by donating uniforms that are no longer needed or by taking items that are needed. The supply is always changing, so check often if you need a certain item.