Making That $$$

Is your business profitable?

There are probably a few reasons why you joined Chloe and Isabel, but I would wager one reason is to make extra money. If you're like me, a few extra Benjamins goes a long way.

Think about it: If you had an extra $300 a month, what would you do with it?

First Things First:

Set Your Goal:

Top-level athletes, successful business-people and achievers in all fields all set goals continuously. Setting goals gives you short-term motivation and long-term vision. It focuses your attention, challenges you to better yourself and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the very most of your business and life.

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So What's Your Goal???

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How You're Going to Get There:

Popping Up!

Here's a stat for you:

Merchandisers who host in person and online pop ups generate 175% more sales than those who host only online events!

Average Pop Up Totals

$750 – in home pop up

$400 - $600 – online pop up

And we are just talking cash sales; don’t forget about jewelry credit on top of that for your show pieces, look books, prizes, props, etc

You’ve already invested $175+ on your kit. Have you made that back yet? Why not? What are you waiting for? That is one in home pop up. You need to sell $700 to make that back at 25% commission.

1. Set a plan

2. Visualize Success

3. Set a Deadline

4. Go Get ‘Em

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Can you imagine a life when you can quit your day job and just have parties for a living a few days a month?!

Answer the following question: To be able to leave my job, I need to make _____________ a month.

What is your long term goal?


leave your job

pay for college tuition

buy a house

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“Everyday is a series of choices…and those choices can predict the outcome of your life…You have the power to achieve whatever you want. The only one who has the power to stop you, is you.” – Chantel Waterbury

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Reasons to POP UP in February

There are MANY reasons why you should be popping up, but if you need a little inspiration, try these ideas:

  • The Jen Atkin launch (Hello small business partnerships!)
  • The Jolie Launch - Perfect for Valentine's Day Gifting
  • The Spring Launch!!! February 7th!!!
  • Super Bowl
  • Galentine's (Get your girlfriends together)
  • Happy hour at a wine bar (It's always 5 o'clock somewhere and I find once someone has a drink, they spend!)

If I wanted to make $500 a month, this is how I would do it…

My monthly goal would be $1850. (I figured in an extra 10% for food, drinks, prizes, etc.) This is how I would get there:

In Home Pop Up: $800

In Home Pop Up: $650

Online Pop Up: $400

My time committment: 13 hours

In Home Pop Up: 2 hour event + 2 hour set up / break down

In Home Pop Up: 2 hour event + 2 hour set up / break down

Online Pop Up: 1 hour LIVE event, 2 hours pre + post broken up

2 hours follow up

That's $38+ an hour.

Can you commit to 13 hours of working your business a month???

I'll break it down another way:

If I want to sell $1850 a month,

that is approximately $61 a day!

When you break it down, it's totally doable!

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What's In It For You This Month?

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Join Our Spring Launch Call + Win Big!

Our Spring 2017 collection (sneak peek here!) launches 2/7 at 10pm EST... + one lucky Merchie will take home the entire line! Sign up for our Launch Call for a chance to WIN one of the sparklyprizes available. Then, get inspired by our trip aboard the Orient Expressby stocking up on new lookbooks + sharing your teaser assets>>

And make sure to line your next host up with out great hostess incentive for February!

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Now it's time to get out there and spread the sparkle!

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I want to help you build your business to everything you want it to be! Do you want to have $250 in extra spending money each month? Do you want #forever40 status and 40% commission? Do you want to use this experience as a platform to advance your career? LET'S DO IT!

xo - Johnna