Ms. Meyers

High School Counselor

Why did you choose this type of career?

She loves to work with students and their families, and also considers herself a visionary and an optimistic.

Did you always want to work in the educational school system?

Yes, she said that she is highly satisfied with the position that she is in,

Career History

She worked as a social worker dealing with adoption and foster children.

How long have you been at your present positon?

She has been a school counselor for 17 years and was a social worker for 15 years before that.

What educational background and ceritifcations do you need for your current position?

To become a counselor, you have to have a Masters degree in school counseling and a bachelors in education. You also have to be a teacher for at least 3 years before becoming a counselor.

Duties associated with your job

- academic advising/individual planning

- guidance

- coordinating programs

- counseling

- system support

What types of characteristics and qualities should a person in your type of career possess?

- enjoy working with people

- flexibility

- optimistic & visionary

Most enjoyable aspects of your job

- working with teenagers and their parents

- the direct contact with teenagers

Most negative aspects in your position

The constant need to realign your schedule in a time crunch.

Times of the year that are lighter and heavier

The heavier times of the year would be in the beginning and the end when people are putting in their course requests, and the lighter times of the year would be in the middle.

Desire to move into another positions within educational system

She just moved into the perfect job, however she may try to move up to becoming a first year college counselor.

Words of advice or encouragement

Take intro classes in high school to explore and see what you like, also shadow a person in the job position that you think you might like,

Demands on Worker

Work Hours (time and duration) - 4

Travel Involved - 1

Average Stress Level - 2 to 3

Amount of Teamwork Needed - 4 to 5

Level of Self-Motivation Required - 5