Song of the Powers

By: David Mason

Read Song of the Powers

Have you ever played the game rock paper scissors? Many people think that all this is a childish game, or maybe something to start disputes with. It has a far deeper meaning than a childish game. Read the Song of the Powers to find out what it is.

"I crush the scissors

such is my power"


The rock crushes the scissors, the paper smothers the rock, the scissors cut the paper. All these things have power over people, however in the end they all end up alone. Is power actually a good thing?

Come see my performance on Wednesday!

Guaranteed to have passion and a lot of fun!

Why you should see my performance

  • I am very pleased to sharing this experience with everyone who would like to come.
  • I will be displaying a lot of passion while reciting this poem
  • I believe that people should listen to this message because it is one that is very important