iD May Reminders from Megatron

All You Need to Know from Your Favorite iD Tech Manager

Welcome to May Madness!

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood manager, Brittany! Although at camp, I'm known as Megatron, the leader of all Decepticons (but my friends call me Mega).

Ready for some crazy facts?

5: Number of Days until Regional Staff Training at Emory

16: Number of Days until Emory Setup Begins (and Orientation starts 3 days after that!)

24: Number of STELLAR staff members who will be leading the way this summer at Emory

27: Number of Courses offered this summer at Emory

653: Number of Students who have registered (so far) for the amazing experience that is iD Tech Emory!

Does it feel real yet? I hope you are all getting as excited as I am for this summer! We have a lot to do in the next few weeks - so make sure to read through this newsletter (you have a task at the end!), and as always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Regional Staff Training

For those of you who will be at Regional Staff Training this weekend at Emory, you should have received an email from iD Tech with all sorts of information about where to go, when to arrive, and what to bring. I just wanted to highlight that this weekend is your first official day of work - so you want to make a good impression! Be ready to jump into activities, ask questions, and soak up all the information we are going to be giving you. Instructors, it would be highly beneficial for you to come to training with a completed Weekly Outline for one of your courses. How do you do this? Go to Game Plan in Staff Corner!

Your Work Schedule

As of today, I've published your schedule for the first three weeks of camp. I'm working on finishing up the puzzle for the last five weeks, but you should see those soon. Check out your assignments in your Job Account. Remember that schedules could change throughout the summer, and you should be fully prepared to teach any course listed in your Preferences.

Contacting Me: Use the Code Word!

Don't forget that you can reach out to me via phone, text, or email. And if you do email me, don't forget we have a handy code word, KIWI,that will guarantee a response from me within 24 hours. Just include it in your subject line, and I'll get back to you right away!

Real Life Example Subjects: "Kiwi Question about Orientation", "KIWI - Staff Corner"


Shout out to Rickey, Amber, Michael, Carin, Yale, Ethan, Jessica, Lauren, and Jordan who have already filled out my Mega-Awesome Staff Survey! If you haven't yet, you probably want to (how else will I bring your favorite drink to camp this summer?!).

Final Task

Ok, thanks for reading to the end! (Did you fill out that survey?!) Now, send me a "Got it, Mega!" text with your name. My number is 408-455-6041.

See you soon!