Every Day

David Levithan

Character Analysis

The fact that A doesn’t have a name is an indication that he truly knows nothing of his own origins. He says he chose to call himself A in an effort to create some continuity in his life.A has an email account set up so that he can literally keep in touch with himself. He uses it to make notes and send himself information he wants to retain. He accidentally fails to delete the information from Nathan Daldry’s computer and it’s through this email account that Nathan first contacts A with his theory of demonic possession.

Setting, Theme


The Ocean,

Where A takes Rhiannon when A is in Justin's body. A offers to take Rhiannon somewhere and she agrees to skip school and go with him. While he waits for her to make a decision, he considers that she might ask to go to the mall or back to his house, and he knows he will "disconnect" if either of those happens. She asks to go to the ocean instead, and he says that he finds himself connecting with her on a deeper level than he'd expected.


A is in a different body every single day. This is his life and he has come to expect that appearance truly doesn’t matter. The truth is that it does, and A has to admit that as he sees the reactions of those around him to the different bodies he inhabits.


A avoids making real connections with people because he knows he’ll be gone the following day. As a child, he is infuriated when people talk about “tomorrow” because he knows he will be in a different body living a different life with different people. As he ages and realizes he is different - that most people don’t hop from one body to the next - he keeps a distance from the people around him in an effort to avoid the pain of losing them at the end of the day. I enjoyed this book as from start to finish as it had many different plot twists and always kept me interested.

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Every Day by David Levithan [Book Review]
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