Brynden Andrews

Ft. Worth Scramble Heifer

The Heifer has been selected

"Crystal" is the chosen one. She is a PB Maine Anjou heifer born April 9, 2015. I chose an older heifer so we could breed her right away and have a bred heifer at the Ft. Worth stockshow. I chose her for her confirmation, big middle and neck extension. I feel she has what it takes to be a competitive show heifer in the ring. She is sired by the great I-80 Maine Anjou bull. He is the sire of many great females in the breed. Thanks again for your sponsorship.

June 2016

Plans for June

My plans for June will be to get her ready to breed first thing. I will start by using a sycronization program which consistes of Cidrs, cystorelin and lutalyse. We will put the cidrs in June 1 with a shot of cystorlin and wait 7 days and take cidr out and give her a shot of Lutalyse. This should help make her to come into heat with 72 hrs. We have chosen the low birth weight bull "Who Made Who" to breed her to. He is a very powerful bull with many championships under his belt. The breeding will be the main objective this month. I wont take her out to any shows until I have her confirmed bred. When that happens we will hit the road and see how well we do together.

Brynden Andrews

610 CR 2421

Como, Texas 75431