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Environmental issues: The start of the Revolution to Modern

1700's Start of Industrial Revolution

Beginning with the start of the revolution, In Great Britain many factories were made and coal was one of the main natural resources used in order to industrialize. Factories required smoke to be released into the air which contaminated air,soil, and illnesses. During the industrial rev. Many trees were cut down to build new factories making deforestation a big problem and beginning the start of environmental issues. Since trees are a source of oxygen cutting them down in order to build was disturbing the human balance. Throughout the spread of Industrialization respiratory issues was high due to the air being filled with other particles.

2015 Modern Day

Although, since the Industrial revolution the environment has faced many hardships. Many countries have developed in a good way expanding and becoming more wealthy. In current day the environment still have issues such as pollution, Global warming, and deforestation. Although we still have some of the same problems they are better managed and under control now that everyone is aware. In 1970 The clean Air act was passed regulating air emissions. Many people came together to protested the end of pollution to the environment. A positive effect was that less labor was done by hand meaning that the environment didn't have to be damaged by chemicals in farming now that food production was through factories.

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