Players AM Tour

Where amateurs play like pros!

Our tour plays the best courses in town.

Membership is free for the Players AM Tour, register now at
Join the tour and play tournament golf at the best courses in town - against players of similar skill level.
Play tournament golf at the Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf, Celebration, Orange County National, and more.


February 1 marks 54 days before our first event at ChampionsGate Country Club.

Our membership grows weekly. Our players note that they are looking for quality competition, great courses and to make new friends with a similar interest - GOLF.

Please pass this newsletter on to anyone/everyone you know that plays golf - either seriously, or for the fun of it. Have them use your name as the referral and we will comp you a round on tour in 2016 when they have played in their third event.

Register for free at


Tired of sandbaggers? Tired of expensive tournament fees? Tired of MEMBERSHIP FEES?!
Join the Players AM Tour - we are players just like you and all we want is a good value for our money with the ability to maximize our winnings and play in optional cash games.
There will be season flight champs, Tour Championship champs and the bragging rights that come with it - to the victors go the spoils.

For 2017, we are working on a trip to Ireland for our flight leaders to play a "Ryder Cup type" event against Irish amateurs of like skill set.

Lastly, in October 2016, look for the Players AM Tour to host the 4-day FLORIDA SCRAMBLE CHAMPIONSHIPS - teams from all over the state will compete for the title of Florida's best scramble team. Those playing on the tour will get a discount into the event.

We need your help .. Pass the word - we're gonna have a blast !!
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