NCVPS French 3 - Yearlong

Madame Hardy

End of Quarter

Bonjour les parents! All work for this grading period needs to be submitted by the end of the day on Sunday, March 22 in order to get counted. This includes Units 6-7 as well as the midterm exam. Unit 6 has been reopened and will stay open through the weekend. If your child missed some assignments earlier this is a good opportunity for them to be able to make those up.

Due Dates

Please see the assignments below for this week and next. Please note, Unit 8 assignments are not included in Quarter 3 grades.

Spring Break

Students should be working ahead if they would like time off from class for their spring break. As a reminder, I will be out of the country from March 25th-April 7th and will not have as much internet access as I normally do. In addition, my ability to communicate with students will be limited.