Bonnie And Clyde

By Grace Robinson

Who They Are

Bonnie and cylde were a gangster couple responsible for bank robberies and murders. With the help of t heir gang they committed many crimes and became famous.

Clyde Barrow

- Dreamed to be a musician

- Family was poor

-Introduced to crime at young age by his brother, Clyde

- Over time his thefts became more serious

-Was a wanted man

Bonnie Parker

-Wanted to be an actress

- Showed no interest in crime during youth

-Got married at the age sixteen

-Husband put in jail o\for abuse

Bonnie & Clyde

-Met in 1930 through a friend (Bonnie: 19, Clyde: 20)

- Clyde was put in prison

-Bonnie helped him escape

- He escaped but was found again

- Was let out of prison because of a trial

- Bonnie and other men went on a crime spree robbing stores/ business'

-Bonnie joined a gang, but was put in prison

- Bonnie was let out

- Bonnie and Clyde went on another crime spree

- Their gang was wanted for murders

- Bonnie's leg got burned in an accident