My Anti-smoking Campaign (Throat Cancer)

Warning: This flyer may be disturbing to some viewers. This also contains images and voices of people who have died.


Throat Cancer

In smoking there are many short term affects as well as long-termed ones. One of the many is throat cancer. Throat cancer can originate from the oesophagus, larynx or pharynx.

Terrie Hall's Anti-Smoking Campaign

As this cancer can cause horrifying for some, it became a real shocker to a former American Terrie Hall. She recently passed away at age 53. She was known to be an inspiration after urging many smokers to quit.

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers - Terrie's Ad


This video shows the affects of what can happen. The traumatising days you would have to live if you don't quit. So I advice you to stop now before it's too late.

No Hope?

Do you think it's close to those days? Do you think you are at the risk of receiving throat cancer just like Terrie. Then record your voice say what you want to say now! Say a bedtime story or a lullaby for you grandkids or a Thank you for those who were there for you.