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March 17, 2023

Greetings from Pastor John

Hey Church,

This week we will be in Romans 6. It looks at our options for power and life. We can continue to look for our own sin for meaning or to look to Christ for power and life.

We also have a Connection Sunday after service. If you can, plan on sticking around afterwards!

See you Sunday!

Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes will be available on March 19th

Prayer and Praise

Mar 15-22, 2023

Pray for office manager, Amy Pelletier’s shoulder surgery this coming Tuesday.

Praise the Lord for a good appointment for head elder, Mark Hathawy at Mass Eye and Ear this week.

Pray for Diane McKeon’s husband Sean’s upcoming heart ablation procedure.

Pray for a reliable internet connection in Senegal for Stan and Jaynee Walker to facilitate their budget preparations.

■ Continue to Pray for Jean Bachelder recovering from surgery on her broken foot last week.

Praise the Lord for Bob Marshall’s short-term mission in Kentucky with Barrington Baptist Church.

Pray for Annie Grace Smith’s preparation for short term missions in Kenya this summer and Sophia Gotta’s return to study with YWAM.

Pray for minimal side effects for Dave Ciardi from his chemotherapy this week and next week’s procedure.

Praise the Lord for new housing for Betty Lawrence (Cindy Sherman’s mother) and Lori DiIorio. Pray for new housing to open up for Pat Aylsworth.

Pray for Vonnie Johnson’s brother’s family in ND suffering the loss of husband, father, and grandfather last week.

Pray for the upcoming SOS Band’s fundraiser for missions.

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Family Discussion Starters

•How did Elisha’s miracles show that God is the one true God? How can God use you to share His truth with others?

•How do Jesus’ miracles help us to trust God in every circumstance?

Because we have come to know Jesus as the Word of God and have been forgiven and transformed by Him, we declare God’s Word to those around us with faith and boldness so that God may move others from death to life.

• HEAD: How should faith in Jesus, the powerful Son of God, affect the way you think, speak, and act this week?

• HEART: How have you experienced the comfort of God’s power in hard times? Praise Him for His love and care for you.

• HANDS: What are some ways you will care for people’s physical needs this week? For their spiritual needs, namely, to know Jesus and believe in Him?

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Annie Grace Smith is going to Kenya for an 8 week Mission's Trip!

Annie Grace Smith Missions Trip
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