by: LaDayshia Wallace

Cause and Effects of the Depression

  • The wall street crash was when the stock prices had become both a symbol and a source of wealth during the prosperous 1920's.
  • causes of the wall street crash where uneven distribution of income, stock market speculation, excessive use of credit, overproduction of consumer goods,weak farm economy, government policies, and global economic problems.
  • the effects of the crash were that people starved, businesses became bankrupt, and unemployment rose.

Hoovers Policies

  • responding to the worldwide depression was the hawley smoot tariff, Debt Morartorium.
  • hoover was convinced that some government action was needed to pull the us economy out of its doldrums. Federal Farm Board.
  • Despair and protest by 1932 millions of employed workers and Reconstruction finance corporation
  • the election of 1932 was when hoover renominated

Franklin D. Roosevelt new deal

  • FDR was an only child of a wealthy family
  • the deal philosophy delete with the three r's, brain trust and other advisers
  • the first hundred days was when roosevelt called congress into an hundred day special session.
  • other programs of the first new deal were the civil works administration, the securities and exchange commission, etc.

the second new deal

  • relief programs were works progress administration, resettlement administration
  • reforms were the national labor relations act, rural electrification administration
  • the reform that for generations afterwards would affect the lives of nearly all americans was the passage in 1935.
  • the election of 1936 was when the economy was improoved