Dr. Amy Hutchinson

Teacher's Perceptions of Integrating Literacy & Technology

Dr. Amy Hutchinson

Assistant Professor of literacy at Iowa State University. She did a project where spent spent 2 days in a middle school setting in a 1 to 1 classroom (with laptops) and the teachers did not use them hardly at all. This surprised her and she wanted to understand why so she did a national survey of teacher's perceptions of integrating literacy and technology.

First Thing Is First

Our Curricular Goal: to teach a literacy skill WITH technology

Are we actually trying to teach an online literacy skill or comprehend the text (ex. making inferences in online context) or are we teaching them how to use technology? (do an online task such as trashing a file)

Interesting Facts She Found in Her Study

-70% of teachers said they never ask students to publish info online

-61% of teachers said they never ask students to communicate via email, we use this so much as adults in our jobs and daily lives

-Teachers were comfortable with using technology but not how to integrate it to meet curricular goals

What It All Comes Down To

Teachers pre-service and professional development

This study has changed the way Dr. Hutchinson teaches her pre-service students

Advice to teachers

It is important to consider WHY we integrate technology into literary instruction beyond the fact that it's a standard for them but to think of how they are preparing students to be literate in the 21st century.

DON'T assume your students are literate in technology (in another study she did on how literate students believed they were she found that they were far below what they believed)

You WILL have roadblocks but don't get discouraged, explore all of your resources, ask for help

Advice to Parents

Recognize the value of learning how to read, write, and communicate in a digital environment and see it as an academic practice, not novel or scary. Monitor their child's use of technology and teach them online safety.

Advice to Princiapls

Teachers said their biggest roadblocks with technology were lack of time after professional development to apply what they learned and lack of time in class periods or to plan for integration of technology. Be open to making changes. Help teachers realize you are not asking them to do something in addition to curriculum but rather to integrate it into their curriculum.

What's next for Dr. Hutchinson

She will be conducting a study on iPads (whether or not they are beneficial to literacy) also she is working on professional development to better prepare teachers to deal with technology roadblocks.