Women's and little girl Fashion

In the 1930's, there was a return to a more genteel, lady like appearance. Budding rounded bust' and waistline curves were seen and hair became softer and prettier as hair perms improved. Foreheads were hidden by clothe hate were revealed and adorned with small plate shaped hats. Clothes were feminine, sweet and tidy by day with a glamour at night.

Wealthy women in the 1930's, had not really needed to wear practical day clothes. Styles had been designated day styles if they were impractical it had not really mattered as long as maids took care of chores. Now, women had more productive and busier lives and simpler pared down clothes gave a freedom of movement women relished in daily life. More luxurious gowns were kept for the evening. Metallic was popular to wear at night and made up to shiner even more richly by adding plastic sequins and glass beads.

Men and little boy Fashion

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Men and little boy's Fashion

Men's fashion of the 1930s showed dramatic changes due to the start of the Great Depression in 1929. A return to a more stable economy in the decade's later years allowed more expression in male fashion. Hollywood and glamour of celebrities also influenced 1930s fashion for men.

Suits during the early 1930s were close cut to use less fabric. The Great Depression started a conservative fashion climate. Extra vagant colors were in bad taste; somber hues like gray, brown, or light blue were more acceptable. Trousers had straight wide hems turned up with a center creases and clothe color that matched jackets and waistcoats. Later in the 1930s, there was a return to greater economic stability, cuts of men's suits were more generous. Jackets with heavily padded shoulders and fuller sleeves were popular. Men wore shoes of black, brown, and tan leather. Two toned brogues were a popular style and the loafer trend started in this decade. Laborers were likely to wear boots.

Older little boys wore overalls or knicker bockers, which are short trousers that fell just below the knee. White parents dressed toddlers in shorts. Boys wore buttoned shirts, often accompanied by hats, such as savior caps or aviator helement's, inspired by aviator Chanes Linderbergh' exploits. Most depression- era children went barefoot during warm weather, saving their shoes for the winter. Boys shoes sometimes rose to the ankle and were tied with laces.

1930s Fashion - Fashion and Design during the Depression


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