Talk to strangers!

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What is Omegle? is a connecting site, chatting and video calling to people from all over the world that are complete strangers, to some extend this may be fun or enjoyable but there are definitely some dangers and concerns about this site. Omegle pairs you up with a stranger from anywhere is the world to chat and "become friends." A lot of people take advantage of the video chat and text chat and their behavior is very inappropriate the language and what people show is all uncensored.


Although Omegle was created by an 18 year old, Omegle is not for kids. Omegle puts two strangers together and although it's anonymous on both sides, users ask for personal information from others, the language is uncensored and there are many Omegle abusers who ask for sexual-ness. Online pedophiles are aware of sites like Omegle and Chattroulette and tend to be on. Video chat is excessively dangerous, letting anyone know what you look like can cause danger, there are users who record and/or screen shot the videos. Omegle is also known as the "Pedophile Website." Omegle users need to take much caution.

Surveying High School Students.

We surveyed many highschool students about what they thought about Omegle and other things about Omegle and this is what we got.

75% of the high school students that were asked if they have ever been on Omegle answered with yes.

90% of the high school students that were asked what their first thoughts about Omegle were negative, as in gross, weird, uncomfortable, strange, awkward and disgusting.

85% of the high school students that were asked if they have been on Omegle again since the first time they have been on answered with yes.

14% of the high school students that were asked if they go on Omegle by themselves, with friends or both answered with by themselves.

66% of the high school students that were asked if they go on Omegle by themselves, with friends or both answered with friends.

20% of the high school students that were asked if they go on Omegle by themselves, with friends or both answered with by themselves and with friends.

Answers varied when we asked the high school students what they do on Omegle.

  • Talk to girls.
  • Talk.
  • Laugh.
  • Make fun of people.
  • Do innapropiate things.
  • Watch girls.
  • Meet girls.

Digital Citizenship/Omegle.

Digital Citizenship: Digital Citizenship is norms of appropriate, responsible with regard to technology use.

Elements of Digital Citizenship with Omegle:

1. Digital Access. Online

2. Digital Commerce. The screen pops up sometimes and says if you're looking for horny women go to a specific site.

3. Digital Communication. Video chat and also just text chat.

4. Digital Literacy. People on Omegle don't really use Digital Literacy, there isn't much information given.

5. Digital Etiquette. Don't say anything online you wouldn't say in front of them.

6. Digital Law. There are rules on Omegle about inappropriate behavior but people don't follow them.

7. Digital Rights And Responsibilities. People should have responsibilities to what they should or shouldn't say or show on Omegle.

8. Digital Health And Wellness. A lot of people show inappropriate body parts on Omegle.

9. Digital Security (Self Protection) Omegle doesn't really have self protection except that you don't have to sign up so none of your information is shown.

Common Sense Tips On Omegle.

  • 1. Be safe, do not share anything with strangers, don’t share information like cell phone numbers, address.. etc.

  • 2. Do not show any inappropriate body parts on Omegle, people can take screen shots, or be secretly recording.

  • 3. Disconnect if you find that you’re chatting or video calling with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • 4. Don’t share your full name with anyone.

  • 5. Do not ever meet up with someone who you have met online, they could be predators.

  • 6. Do not go on Omegle if you don't do well with uncensored material.

  • 7. Do not go on if you're under 18 years of age.

  • 8. Do not use Omegle video chat if you are unconformable with inappropriate behavior.

  • 9. Call the police if someone is harassing you and threatening you.

  • 10. If you are under 18, never go on without parent permission.

Digital Citizenship In Today's World/ Maranacook.

Today's World:

A lot of people abuse the privileges of the internet in today's world. People do not respect others and other things. People do inappropriate things with the internet. People make it so others have viruses and people abuse and hurt people on the internet.


A lot of students at Maranacook bypass the servers to school inappropriate websites at school, including Facebook, tumblr, twitter and other websites.