Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of August 12th & 19th

Important Dates

8/9 School open to work in classrooms

8/14 8:30 Opening Staff Meeting

10:00 Leave SME for MHHS

10:30-12:00 District Training

PM Teacher Prep Time

8/15 8:30 Common Core Training at Specific Sites

PM Teacher Prep Time

8/16 Teacher Prep Day

5:30 Kinder Orientation

8/19 Welcome Assemblies n the AM - MPR

8/21 Back to School Night 1st and 2nd - 6:00 pm - MPR

8/21 No PLC Meeting

8/22 Back to School Night 3rd, 4th and 5th - 6:00 pm - MPR

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Quote of the Week- "Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something."
  • Please see Lupe to pick up your keys for your room
  • Welcome Back to Amy Hammon and Rebekah Butcher! We are so glad to have you rejoin our SME Team!
  • THANK YOU ahead of time for being so diligent in teaching your students our school rules! We would like to start off strict with our inside school rules. Please reinforce with students that they may not come inside before school to hang back packs, that they need to walk single file and hands behind backs. We would like to start off this way especially at lunch time to see if we can minimize the noise, problems with theft and discoloration of walls.


-UNIFORMS: Please be sure to talk with your students about the importance of wearing their school uniforms. It is mandatory that they wear them every day.

EDUCATION CORNER- Reflect, Adapt and Remain Relevant

Taken from Brain Vibe for Educators, a blog for teachers and administrators. This article is a great reminder for the beginning of this new school year. I cannot wait for what it will bring!

New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses

  • New APP of the DAY- AppsGoneFree
  1. This app sends you a link to many apps that are free for that day. It comes directly to your iPhone or iPad to download or install


Let's get to know YOU:

1.She can survive off candy ad chips and she hates corn. Has considered teaching at the college level.

2. She loves playing the piano and hates lizards. She hates being forced into physical team building games- human knot.

First installment of our THEME for the year. GUESS WHO these two people are.

You Matter New Video

Great Things We Have Noticed

  • We will be highlighting things we notice and see during our weekly walkthroughs.


New Board Members

President- Berenice Nuño

Vice President-Brenda Jaimes

Secretary-Angelica Magana

Treasure- Natalie Stiglic

PAC Representative- Sonia Duran

Quiz Answer

1. Lulu Fernandez

2. Bonnie Denny