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February is "I Love To Read" month and to celebrate we will be having a Scholastic Book Fair February 24th - 28th. We will also be celebrating Valentines day and would like to offer our Sunrise Community the opportunity to gift your Valentine a book through our Book Fair Valentine program.

For a $3.00 donation to the Scholastic All For Books program your child can receive a custom handmade original jungle themed book fair valentine. Your donation will help purchase books for the library and Scholastic will also donate one book to one of their charities that provides books to children in need for every dollar collected. Your $3.00 donation will cover the cost of the supplies to make the valentine and include a donation to the All For Books program. Inside the custom valentine will be a card that shares with your child the amount of money that you put on their e-wallet for the book fair. The book fair valentines will be delivered to your child's class on Valentine's Day.

The e-Wallet program is a fairly new feature that allows people to create an e-Wallet for their child. As a parent you can put a specific amount of money on their account so that when they come to the book fair to shop they don't need to bring physical money to school. Any unused money will be put back into the adults account. Below you will find more specific information regarding the e-Wallet program.

Since the valentines are custom made, we will be accepting pre-paid orders so that we have an accurate estimate of the number of valentines needed so that we can place a supply order and have time to create your handmade valentine. There will be a collection envelope in your child's class for the $3.00 All For Books Donation. You can place your book fair valentine order by completing the order form below. Please complete an order form for each child that you will be purchasing a valentine for.

January 6th - 17th: Pre-paid Orders Collected

February 6th - 19th: e-Wallet feature is open so parents can create an e-wallet for their

student that matches the amount on the card in their book fair valentine.

February 14th: Book Fair Valentines delivered to students in their classroom.

February 24th - 28th: Book fair open for shopping.

Book Fair Valentine Order Form

Please complete the order form for each child.

e-Wallet Commerical For Parents

A quick overview of e-Wallet program.

Valentine Sample: Imagine this sample in a Jungle theme.

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