Peek at the Week

April 7, 2019

Last Week Before Break!

We are five days away from a much needed break! Not only are we exhausted, but many of our students and parents are too! Let's finish this week strong making sure we use our time this week to continue to get ready for the upcoming grade and state testing. You've got this!


We would like to meet with classroom teachers tomorrow during your break. Please stop by my office so that we can talk for just a bit.

United Way

Remember that we are collecting money for United Way by paying $20 to wear jeans the remainder of the year. All proceeds go to iRock, our district's summer reading camp. At this time, we have 22 students who will be invited to attend, so it will directly affect our own students. Please consider giving!

April 30th is voting day! Please spread the word to your family and friends to get out and vote!

Active Shooter Drill

Please remember that we will have our second Active Shooter Drill this Friday. Make sure you have reviewed with your class procedures for this drill and prepared them well prior to Friday. Also, make sure you have your red bags with you at all times and you utilize your green and red cards during the drill.

There are times during the day that doors are being left open and unlocked. It is essential that your door is shut and locked at all times during the day.


We almost have our team complete for the sessions on June 27th and June 28th to see Luis Cruz. Mr. Cruz will be speaking on PLC's. We need representation from each grade level as we move forward as a PLC school. I am still waiting on a couple of grade levels to let me know who can attend. Remember that you will receive two comp days next year for attending.


If you have not already done so, please make sure you begin keeping all iPads at school this week. No iPads can go home after this week. Begin taking inventory to make sure that each iPad has a charger and that the keyboard is working. We want to make sure we are ready for testing with our iPads.

5th Grade Surveys - Important!

5th grade students need to complete an additional survey. Please have your students go to topics and click on student opinion survey to complete the survey by April 12th. Please email me to let me know when your class has completed the survey. Thank you!

Break the Bank

We will be giving out dollars this week encouraging good hallway, cafeteria, and classroom behavior.

Upcoming Dates:

April 9th: Shelby's baby shower

April 9th: Last day for Good News Club

April 12th: Active Shooter Drill

April 22nd: No School! This is the second snow make-up day that we did not use. :-)

April 23rd: Battle of the Books Pep Rally

April 24th: District Battle of the Books competition

April 24th: Training for Grade 3-5 teachers on the SCReady online Tutorial. Everyone must attend during your planning.