The Country of Malta!

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Information about Malta

Malta is an island right next to the island Gozo. Malta is also situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The capital of Malta is Valletta. To the right is Malta`s flag.
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Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca is the 9th president of the Republic Of Malta
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Maltas Placement

Malta is found in Europe and is right next to the following: Tunisia, Greece, Italy, and of course Gozo

Location/Land forms/Landmarks/Bodies of water/Human Environment Interactions

Malta is in Europe. It is around the countries Gozo, Catania, Patermo, Tusis and Monatir. Malta is mostly low, kind of rocky, and very flat. They have many landmarks like, the Megalithic Temples, Mdina and Valletta. Malta is by the Mediterranean Sea. They plant alot of crops such as potatoes, grapes, wheat, peppers and more!


Maltas government is a republic government which is also limited. The president is Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca. They have constitutional rights and they elect their leaders.


Malta is not poor at all. they use Euro coins for their money. their main import is crops.

Life expectancy: 80.25 years
Birth rate: 10.18 births/ 1000 population

Literacy rate: 15 or over can read or write!

Water Source: Urban 100% population, Rural 100% population


they wear clothing. they speak Maltese 90.1%
Independence day- September 21st
National Anthem-"L-Innu Malti"


Weather Conditions: mild, rainy winters, hot dry summer
Average yearly rainfall: 24 inches

Average yearly temperature: Hottest=80F (july) Coldest= 55F (january)
effects that the climate has on the country: while the daily temperature can range from hot to cold depending on the season, the island sees tourists during every month of the year!


historical events: Malta is chiefly composed of limestone with no hills higher than 300 meter and no rivers. On the south-west side , it is gaurded by high cliffs.

Differences between Malta and the United States!

Malta`s religon: roman Catholic
United states religion: mostly Protestant 51.3% and Roman Catholic 23.9%
Malta`s: population: 413,965 people
United states Population: 321,368,864 people

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