Semana 16, Día 5

Feliz viernes U4 L3

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Renee for finishing up U4 one week before Winter Break!

Way to work ahead and have your holidays cleared for enjoyment.

Aviso: Winter Break starts end of next week, but plan ahead!

If you look at the schedule of assignments you will notice that when we come back from Winter Break we come right up on Grade Report 2. This means that we have a week 18 when the assignments for that week also close that Friday night. Due that Friday night is a lección, a final project, and an elinguafolio update. So be sure to get caught up if not ahead over the Winter Break.

Aviso: U4 L1 y L2 will close tonight at midnight

All submitted work up through U4 L1 y L2 will receive a ZERO.

Lección: Here´s a catchy tune, with some not so great vocals, to help you conjugate SER