Chowan River Basin

By Sam Brown and Derenta Jessup

information on Chowan.

the streams are 791 miles long

the size is 1298

the population is 61548 people

Important places in Chowen river basin

A couple of places in Chowen is ...

  • Merchants Millpond State Park- A 760 acre state park with really old cypress trees and gators, moccasins, black bears, minks, gray foxes and river otters
  • Gatesvile Watergate Park- Short nature trail on the banks of Benne Creek
  • The North Carolina bird trail-made to promote bird watching sites and connect bird watchers
  • Chesapeake
  • Border between North Carolina

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what's the Chowan river basin?

It's the home to over 30 rare plants and animals, 5 threaten mussel species, Eastern lamo mussels, Atlantic surgeon, red cockaded wood pecker, bald eagle, American alligator, and rafinesquesbig fanned bat.

where's it located?

This is in a region of vast hardwood, swamps and tea colored rivers, it's a place where fish were once current and rivers, was once a high water. Its located in the northeastern part of he state and runs from the south eastern part of Virginia.

5 important places?

Some major cities are Edenton, Winston, Jackson, and Gatesville. Edenton is thought to be the first permanent settlement in North Carolina.
Each day, sewage treatment plants in the Chowan River/Dismal Swamp coastal watershed discharge a combined 4.7 million gallons of wastewater containing excessive levels of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution. There are 8 major sewage treatment plants and industrial dischargers within the watershed: Lawrenceville, Emporia, Blackstone, Alberta, Three Creek, International Paper, Spring Branch and Franklin. · Implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) on Agricultural Lands Conservation practices must be aggressively implemented to curb farm runoff from polluting waterways. Successful reductions through BMPs will drastically improve local water quilty.