The Giver

By : Lois Lowry & Melanie Leal

Book Summary

The Giver is a multi-chapter novel with fascinating characters that play a major role in the development of the book. In the community there are many rules that everyone must follow and many regulations so everyone is the same. The community is mainly controlled by the committee of elders that select the family units, give assignments ect.. The Giver is about a young boy named Jonas that gets chosen to be the new reciever. He undrgoes many challenges and has to manage to live a "normal" and average life. Jonas gets transferred special memories and learns many new things with the giver ( the old reciever ). Jonas one day decides what he needs to prioritize and faces new challenges with Gabe ( newchild ). At the end of the novel, Jonas and Gabe arrive at their destination ( elsewhere ) where Jonas thought to have heard music but was only an echo.

All about Jonas

Jonas is at the age of 11/12 in the novel and has remarkable pale blue eyes. Jonas was a very responsible child with precise language and manners. Jonas was chosen to be the new receiver at the ceremony of twelve , after careful observation ,which is a very high position in the community. Jonas is a bit complacent before he begins his training , but after him and the giver become close friends, he learns many new things and gains wisdom. Jonas is transferred many memories some like war , snow , sled , ect.. Passing the memories was sometimes very difficult for the giver because many were dreadful. Jonas becomes very wise and faces challenges like discovering the past about mankind and what his father does when he " releases " someone. Jonas becomes angry at those who surround him in the community because he cannot stand how ignorant they are and how clueless about what has really happened in the past. Jonas realizes that Gabe might be released and he takes the matter into his own hands and kidnaps Gabe , steals food scraps , and with the help of the Giver leaves the community to struggle. While escaping the community Jonas is followed (without them knowing it was Jonas) by search planes which eventually gave up. In order to survive Jonas puts Gabe first and tranfers pleasant memories to the newchild. To Jonas' surprise they survive cold nights and arrive elsewhere and what he thought was music was truly only an echo.

Other Important Characters

" The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain, its the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared. "

My Questions :

1. What was the community like before the rules / regulations ?

2. Why did the author choose Gabe of all characters to be at risk ?

3. What would happen if the community did not have rules ?

About the author :

Lois Lowry is currently living in a farmhouse in Maine. Lowry is 78 years old and still writes fascinating novels like " Gathering Blue " and " Son ". Lois Lowry finds herself to be a determined writer , but I have read a few of her novels and I find her to be a flawless writer with an inspirational mindset. I recommend reading her novels because you will find it difficult to take your nose out of her books. I give the book " The Giver " a 5/5 star rating theres nothing to not like about it; its interesting , it has a flawless flow to it , etc.