Aron's trip to the Pokemon store

By Brink van Eeden

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Bag of Pokefood

Aron wanted to buy a 6 pack of pokefood.

It cost twelve dollars.

How many did one pack cost?

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Bag of potions

If Aron buys 30 potions and one costs 20 dollars.

How much money did he spends?

Bag of revives

Aron wanted to buy 3 bags of revives.

He payed 21.21 for one pack.

how much did he spend?

Poke puffs

Aron likes to eat poke puffs as a treat.

He eats 5 each day.

How many poke puffs does he eat in one week?


Aron trains every day.

He grows about 5 levels or more each day.

How many levels does Aron grow in 3 days?

Aron's friends

Aron's friends train and and gain levels the same way Aron (they train with him).

Right now they are level 40.

How many days have they been training?

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Aron likes to jog

Aron jogs every day more than 5 miles.

He jogged for 4 days.

How far has he jogged?


Aron evolves when he is higher than level 45.

He is level 40.

How many levels until Aron evolves?

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