Andrew Jackson

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The Force Bill

While Andrew Jackson was president, he passed two tariffs (a tax on imported goods). The South was very upset about this because they rely on imported goods the most because they have natural harbors. The south was so serious about this that they threatened to secede (officially withdraw from the union). Due to this threat, Congress and Jackson passed a Force Bill. This Bill forced the South To pay there tariffs.

Indian Removal Act

The Native Americans had three options when Jackson was moving them out. The first option was to Assimilate. To assimilate, they must become civilized or to give up their tribal ways. The second option was to Relocate. If they were to relocate they would have to pack up everything they could and move hundreds of miles away. The last option they had was to fight back and resist. 5 tribes chose to assimilate. Andrew Jackson Wanted to move the tribes away from the Mississippi river because the Americans wanted to settle there. Mostly because they found gold on there land.

Trail Of Tears

In the beginning of the 1830's, there were many Native Americans living in america. Near the end of the decade, very few Native Americans lived in america. Since the white settlers wanted to grow cotton on there land, the federal government forced the Natives to move thousands of miles away from there land. This journey was known as the trail of tears. Many Native Americans died either because of lack of food, or Very poor shelter.

Political Cartoon

Andrew Jackson Is shutting down the National Bank and wont let anything get in the way
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