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November 16-20 Thanksgiving Food Drive Week

This Week at a Glance

*This week is our Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive! Sixth grade is responsible for bringing canned fruit!

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -Jog-A-Thon, Music, Wear your Jog-a-thon T-Shirt!

Thursday- Progress Reports home in Thursday Folders

Friday- Early Dismissal - Collaboration Day, Math Test

Have a Wonderful Break! We will see you when you return!

Upcoming Events for you Calendar:

11/16 - 11/20 Thanksgiving Food Drive Sixth grade is bringing canned fruit

12/3 6th gr STAR Deputy

10/4 10:30 HS Orchestra & Chamber Singers (gr 5-6)

In your Thursday Folders

Please look out for the

  • Progress Reports

Math and Science

This week we are finishing our unit on The Division of Fractions and Arithmetic Operations. Topics covered this week include dividing multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm, converting decimal division into whole number division using fractions/mental math and before we test on Friday, we will be looking at Number Theory and thinking logically about multiplicative arithmetic.

Students are encouraged to always be asking themselves, "is this answer reasonable?" "Does it make sense?" If they come to a stuck point, they are expected to persevere and check over their work to ensure they have no made any computational mistakes before moving on.

Since the start of the second quarter, students have been provided scaffolded notes on which they are guided through with examples. Time is given to ensure they are all able to copy down any and all important notes. If your child is struggling with a concept, please refer them to their notes and encourage their ability to reason through it.

Students are making sense of the different forms of heat transfer and will be participating in labs this week!