The Name Of This Book Is Secret

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The Author

Pseudonymous Bosch


When Cassandra and Max-Ernest find the Symphony of Smells, a box full of vials containing a variety of smells. They discover a mystery about a magicians death and his mysterious diary. Will Cass and Max-Ernest solve the mystery of the magicians death? And will the narrator be able to keep the books secret a secret?

What is this story about?

This story is about friendship, more specifically, the friendship between Cassandra and Max-Ernest


The setting of the book is kept very secret. However, I can describe the Midnight Sun Spa, where Dr. L and Ms. Mauvis do all their experiments. The Midnight Sun is not an actual spa, and it's design is heavily based around Egyptian buildings, with two pyramids on each side and a large building in between, and a lantern at the top of the large building. The lantern gives off light that would be given off from the Sun. Even if it was midnight, the lantern would shine brightly like the sun, thus the name the Midnight Sun.

Main Characters


Cass is adventurous, most likely because she's a survivalist. She always has a backpack full of survival equipment, and she never takes the bag off. She's also very annoyed that no one takes her seriously, and she can be a little bit stubborn. She also has large ears that glow red when she's embarrassed.


Max-Ernest, an interesting name huh? Well, his name is like that because his parents never decided on one name, so now he has two names in his name. Max-Ernest is smart, he can solve some of the most complex puzzles! He's loyal to Cass throughout the book. And he's also cooperative with Cass.

The Conflict

Man Vs. Man

What is the conflict?

As Cass and Max-Ernest are looking for clues about the magician, they find out that a creepy pair of people named Dr. L and Ms. Mauvis are also trying to find out what happened to the magician. But they do not mean well... at all.

Conflict Quote

"Neither, will I describe how that creepy couple searched the neighborhood for over an hour while Cass and Max-Ernest hid terrified in the bushes - although I will tell you there was an especially scary moment when Dr. L and Ms. Mauvis were standing only inches from Cass and Max-Ernest"

Pg. 81


"It takes much bravery to stand up to our enemies, but we need as much bravery to stand up to our friend"

-J.K. Rowling

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