Unit 6 Smore Project

By: Trey Lockard

Manifest Destiny

This painting represents gods plan for the U.S. to spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Three Trails Map

People used the Santa Fe trail for trading, they used the Mormon trail for new land and religious beliefs, the Oregon trail for land and same with the California trail.

Texas Revolution

They moved to Texas to increase the province's population. In the Battle of Alamo all the defenders died. General Sam Houston, the Texian Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna's Mexican army.

Mexican-American War

Mexico claimed the Nueces River as its northeastern border, while the U.S. claimed the Rio Grande River, and the day that both troops met at the Rio Grande and the Mexican army opened fire, on April 25, 1846, the Mexican American War began. The bear flag revolt was when a group of people rebelled from the Mexico government. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo increased the U.S. by 25%. The Gadsden purchase was when the U.S. bought land from Mexico.

Gold Rush performance writing

I am in California and it is crazy because it is the time of the gold rush. People are going crazy trying to find gold. The reason people are trying to find gold is to get rich and start a new life. When I am writing home i feel sad that i left my family at home. It is terrible and I want to go home .